Concentrated Tomato Products

Concentrated Tomato ProductsConcentrated tomato products are obtained by evaporating moisture from the tomato mass. In the mashed tomato pulp supplied for boiling to produce tomato paste, the ratio of the mass fraction of soluble solids to insoluble should be at least 6.5. If this ratio is less than 6.5, then the tomato mass cannot be reduced to 30% concentration and it is sent to produce tomato puree.


Cooking tomato paste. Tomato mass concentration is carried out in multi-unit continuous operating units supplied together with tomato processing lines by the Yugoslav firm Unity, Hungarian Lang, Italian Tito Manzini, Rossi and Katelli, Titan, as well as domestic production brand UT-500.


The multi-body dropping plant consists usually of several evaporators connected in series. In each apparatus, heat exchange is ensured due to the difference between the temperature of the heating steam and boiling tomato mass, which is created due to the lower pressure in each subsequent housing as compared with the previous one.The heat carrier is saturated steam supplied to the first building, and the next building is heated with juice (secondary) pairs of the first, the third building - with juice pairs of the second. From the third building, the juice vapors enter the condenser, where they are condensed when in contact with cooling water, maintaining the pressure below the atmosphere throughout the installation.


Vacuum boiling has a positive effect on the quality of the product: color, vitamins and other valuable substances are better preserved.


Tomato pulp is fed into the discharge plants mainly according to two schemes: direct flow and counterflow.


According to the flow scheme, the movement of steam and product is carried out in the same direction.


According to this principle, the stations of domestic production of UT-500 and Unity (Yugoslavia) - АС-200, АС-500, АС-880 work, raw materials productivity is 500, 200, 500 and 880 tons / day respectively.

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