Congratulations in the team: gifts for colleagues

It is even easier to choose a gift for colleagues than to figure out what to give to close relatives. After all, in a team, in order not to offend anyone, all presents must be equal. In addition, for colleagues it will not be superfluous to turn on the imagination and make gifts with your own hands.
Corporate Gifts
Corporate gifts to colleagues
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Corporate New Year celebrations are practiced in most companies. But not all managers prepare gifts for colleagues, and employees do not often decide to introduce a new tradition - the exchange of presents. But it helps to rally the team more and sometimes even turns into an annual tradition.

Corporate souvenirs to colleagues

Directors and heads of departments can give souvenirs with corporate symbols to their subordinates. To adopt this unspoken tradition is not a sin for those whose position does not imply leadership. It is easy to order mugs, key rings, notebooks, pens and business card holders with the company's logo in any company that manufactures printed products.It will not be superfluous to accompany a corporate gift with an original postcard with a personal wish.

Homemade gifts for colleagues

Show your imagination. If you are great at making oranges jam, find a free day and make a huge pot of homemade sweets. After packaging the jam in small jars and on each of them, attach a homemade label with an individual New Year's wish. Such a gift, you can be sure, will be appreciated. Here are some ideas for making gifts to colleagues with your own hands:

- pies;

- homemade sweets;

- wines and liquors;

- healing herbal preparations;

- knitted mittens;

- handkerchiefs with embroidery;

- figurines molded from clay;

- carved charms.

New year as a gift

You can not wrestle with the choice of personalized gifts, but give your colleagues a common, fun holiday. Buy movie tickets for the whole team or invite animators to the office so that they can relieve the situation on the eve of the holiday.

The possibility of inviting animators to the office in advance coordinate with the leadership
It is better when, apart from the initiator of the holiday and the authorities, nobody knows about the surprise.The unexpected visit of Father Frost and Snow Maiden will be taken many times brighter than when everyone will be waiting for the artists in the morning.

Delicious New Year's gift

The current version of the gift for colleagues in companies that do not hold holiday corporate events. After work, gather colleagues in the office at the advance table.

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