Congratulations on the Year Sheep in verse

Congratulations on the Year Sheep in verse
2015, according to the Chinese calendar, is considered the year of the Sheep. As you know, this animal has a calm and peace-loving disposition, so it's not worth waiting for particularly serious shocks. In addition, the Sheep is not easy, but green and wooden. It is not known whether this corresponds to Chinese philosophy, but we always associate greens with money, we hope, not in vain. The tree is a symbol of fertility, prosperity, family strength. To make all the wishes come true, and toasts and wishes come true, we offer your greetings to the year Sheep in verse.

Verses for the corporate

So, came the long-awaited festive evening at work. If you take on the functions of the toastmaster or the presenter, then you will be greeted with congratulations in advance. The main requirements: poems should not be too hackneyed (preferably if you write them yourself), not vulgar, and also do not go into congratulations on the person.

Let Sheep this year

A lot of happiness will come!

How much snow outside the window

So much warmth to your home!

How many bulbs in the garland,

So much joy in your eyes!

How many bubbles in a wine glass

As much luck in business!

How many guests are at the table

So much joyful news!

How many festive clothes,

So many hopes come true!

If you separately want to point out an expensive chef, then pick up a rhyme for him. Let him be with humor, but observe the measure. Any boss loves to be praised, let the Sheep favor him this evening.

Congratulations on the Year Sheep in verse

Chief, New Year

Wish we wish

Only festive troubles

And do not lose the grip!

To force the sawn

I came to you this year!

Went to be happy,

And not vice versa!

If you are not a trickler, but like to show off with such an intricate toast, there are poems for you too. Toward the end of the evening, more “cracking” options will go bang, you can even chastooshkas.

The ringing of the alarm clock is not audible,

There is a sweet snore,

A table of delicious food is magnificent,

The dog is sleeping without hind legs.

Under the foliage of the green tree

With bright bows in a row,

Waiting for their guys gifts -

They will surprise them all.

New Year is on the threshold,

So, let Sheep year

Will be generous and lax,

All good luck will bring!

The main advice: choosing congratulations in verse for colleagues - take into account the specifics of the team, the relationship with each other, the loyalty (or lack thereof) of the authorities.The rest - give plenty of imagination and creative ideas.

Congratulations on the year of the sheep for home

If relatives and friends gathered at home. Then they will like the original poetic congratulations on the year of the sheep. Let it be lyrical and touching, it clearly deserves recognition of the most senior participants of the event.

Happy New Year!

In a house of clear weather,

Year of the Sheep will bring

Only joy all year round.

And wealth, and good luck,

Know - become richer.

Well, that brought health -

Meet the New Year with love!

For young friends pick rhymes and toasts with humor. Address greetings always go with a bang, it is desirable that you wish the guest exactly what he has long dreamed of. Easy teasing is allowed, the main thing is not to turn the feast into a long process of clarifying the relationship.

Though the year goes away Horses

You are not too much shawls,

Do not let the firecrackers through the windows,

Have pity for the glass neighbors!

Make wishes in moderation

(Better still decent):

Wheelbarrow, hut, career growth

And, of course, cash!

Congratulations on the Year Sheep in verse

Children adore the “animal” symbolism, so show your imagination and change Santa's outfit with the costume of the merry Sheep.Before giving gifts, the symbol of the year must necessarily make a couple of riddles (of course, to himself, a loved one), he can sing a song (for example, in the style of some famous singer), make a congratulatory speech. If the children are old enough, then you can invite them to compose a verse-wish for the year of the sheep. You will be surprised at how creative babies are.

We hope that the New Year's meeting will be successful for you, that your words will be received with joy and gratitude. In preparing a greeting in verse, remember the people for whom you are doing it, strive to bring them joy.

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