Cosmetic bag - all cosmetics in one place

It is hard to imagine a modern woman without such an important component of her active and vibrant life, decorative cosmetics. Lipsticks of different colors and shades, eyeshadow, blush and powder, mascara and eyeliner, pencil for lips or eyelashes - and this is only a small part of what most women use every day.

If you do not acquire a special storage for all this wealth, then all these bubbles, bottles and boxes will be scattered around the house, and a real woman used to keep everything clean and tidy.

Small version

That is why any girl or woman has long used cosmetics bags for this purpose, which help to streamline all that huge amount of cosmetics, small women's things and hygiene products that are simply necessary for every lady who respects herself.

Female cosmetics bag begins its procession in history in the Middle Ages, when rich ladies from noble houses carried small cosmetic bags with them, decorated with precious stones and expensive fabrics.Inside they put a small mirror, a handkerchief, a bottle of aromatic oil or perfume, smelling salt and other trifles that are dear to the female heart.

Fashion for small lace handbags introduced the famous French favorite of the king, Madame Pompadour, who adored everything beautiful, lace and decorative. Such an accessory placed in itself not only cosmetic trifles, but also needlework, which was a very fashionable activity among young ladies of that time.

Spacious cosmetics store

Beauticians, which are very similar to their modern counterparts, appeared in the middle of the XIX century, and contained at least a handkerchief, lipstick and ammonia.

In the modern world, women's cosmetic bags are also not always used strictly for their intended purpose, as in past centuries, you can find the most amazing little things in them; To please yourself with such an important thing, you can go to the store, where a variety of options will amaze everyone, but there is an option and more interesting, to make a cosmetics bag with your own hands!

It turns out that there is nothing difficult in it, but in the end you can get very interesting and unusual products that will look more luxurious and more colorful than the purchased counterparts.

Types of cosmetic bags

  • For home.For home use, they usually get quite roomy cosmetic bags that should contain all the available cosmetics, as well as hygiene products that are used to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. Usually for these purposes they use capacious handbags, which can have several compartments or trays (as is the case with beauty cases), in which you can expand numerous women's joys.
  • A cosmetic bag for a handbag always accompanies you - at work, at a party, at a business meeting or at the cinema, so it should be compact and durable. In itself, it should contain the most necessary cosmetics that you may need during the day. It is better if there are no additional compartments and pockets in it (they will be too small and uncluttered), with a convenient zipper.
  • Travel cosmetic bag should be a little more than cosmetic bags for handbags, but slightly less than home copies. For such purposes, a very convenient option is a folding cosmetic bag, which has several compartments and easily folds into a small handbag.
  • Men's cosmetic bags that are similar to female modelsbut they are usually made in dark colors and are used by men for storing personal care products and other important little things when traveling and traveling.

How to choose a quality cosmetic bag?

It is important to remember that a cosmetic bag is not a handbag or a purse, so it must be convenient and practical, without excessive lightening, light fabrics (no one is immune from contamination with cosmetics), as well as a convenient and functional, allowing you to quickly find in the depths of its necessary bottle.

Little masterpiece

Take care of the size, depending on the purpose for which you acquire it, for example, to carry a bag of cosmetics is not very convenient, but a home cosmetic bag must be capacious. Pay special attention to its quality and the material from which it is made. The most common materials that can be used are: PVC, leather, leather, textiles.

It is important to remember that a cosmetic bag is an accessory that has to be washed frequently, so the strength of the fabric and other materials used remains a very important criterion.

Pay attention to fasteners and locks, it is better that zippers are used for these purposes - they are the most durable and durable, but buttons, velcro or buttons - quickly become unusable.

Nice bonuses can be considered a good mirror inside and a hard bottom, which provides a convenient location of cosmetics inside the accessory.

How to do it yourself?

It turns out that to sew with your own hands such a necessary female accessory, it is not necessary to be a professional seamstress or needlewoman. The simplest options can be done in just an hour of time, provided that you have all the necessary materials and components.

For a cosmetic bag, first of all, you need to choose a fabric - for the outer side and for the inner side, the lining. If you want to make a bright purse for cosmetics, then choose a beautiful and harmonious fabric, it is better if it is sufficiently dense and of high quality. For the main part, you will need 2 rectangles 25x40 cm from the main fabric, and 2 rectangles of the same size from the lining.

Original version

Details are combined together, zipper is inserted, the length of which must be at least 25 cm.Make sure all the seams are inside the lining, so your product will look neat and professional. Almost everything is ready!

It remains to decorate your cosmetic bag - here is a full flight of fantasy, you can use any available tools, as well as your own skills. For example, cosmetic bags that are embroidered with beads or embroidered with beads look very original, it would be better to lay out some kind of pattern or design, you can decorate the surface of the product with your initials or some kind of patterns.

Embroidery thread is also a very good option, which allows you to turn your handbag into a whole work of art, which will become not only a pleasant accessory, but also a whole decoration of the room or your image.

Decorating with ribbons is also a good way to decorate your cosmetic bag, from colored ribbons you can create cute flowers and small applications that look very gentle and elegant on such products.

Alternatively, you can use patchwork technique for decoration, which allows you to create special, colorful and amazing gizmos, and cosmetic bags are no exception.

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