Crafts for giving from plastic bottles - photo, video master class

Crafts for giving from plastic bottles

Crafts for giving from plastic bottles

If you are going out of town for the summer, then making a variety of handicrafts for children's entertainment will be an excellent exercise.


If these are products from plastic bottles, then you will solve several tasks at once with such disposal - remove unnecessary waste, save on utilities for its removal to the landfill and on the purchase of expensive materials for handicrafts.


In addition, in this way you can achieve the desired effect for decorating individual zones of your summer cottage.


For example, for the garden and cottage, you can make magnificent water objects that can budgetly replace stationary fountains that require constant maintenance and additional costs in the form of buying special chemicals that prevent the formation of algae and silt.


Your children will not be able to remain indifferent to the object made by the whole family,which looks like a real park sculpture or a special fountain in the entertainment zone, depicting a real waterfall.


You can continue to decorate this object endlessly, adding new flowers, leaves, insects, and pebbles to the overall artistic installation.


When you will be doing something special from plastic bottles, then look for a start basic video with an interesting and accessible master class.


Video: how to make crafts for giving from plastic bottles with their own hands



Crafts for a summer residence: a mobile wall of water


You will need:

  • Rope;
  • scissors;
  • adhesive tape;
  • plastic bottles.


Step 1


We used three wire panels, creating a movable wall of water. Thus, it can be installed anywhere and removed in the winter.


Crafts for giving from plastic bottles


Step 2


Cut all the bottles in half. (Note: if you are worried about the sharp edges of the cut of a plastic bottle, you can use duct tape to close them).


Crafts for giving from plastic bottles


Unscrew all covers from the upper halves of the bottles so that the water can rush. If you want a more pronounced spray effect, then you can make holes in the lids with a nail and a hammer.


And at the bottom of the bottles you need to make cuts so that they can work as a funnel through which water will flow.


Step 3


Another important detail of the water wall is the guide, this part intercepts all the water and returns it back to a large container, so that you can reuse the same water repeatedly. In order to make a guide, you need to cut off the bottom of the plastic cups or bottles, then cut them in half, along the long side. Fix both halves together with duct tape to make one long guide.


Crafts for giving from plastic bottles


Step 4


This step can be handed over to children. Paint and decorate the bottles. We used paint markers.


Crafts for giving from plastic bottles


Step 5


Decide where and how to put bottles with water, can independently children of older age. Let them experiment with the movement of water. Installation can also be no less fun. We used red scotch to attach the funnels from the bottles to the metal grid.


Crafts for giving from plastic bottles


Tips for playing with kids: the water wall is very exciting at the visual level. Suggest the kid to use various materials: watercolor paints, sand, stones.Discuss with him questions that the child will have when he sees that the pebbles and grains of sand are moving in the same way as water.

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