Crafts from foam plastic for the New Year do it yourself

Preparations for the New Year's Eve - this is, in fact, the beginning of the holiday, because a great joy brings the New Year's fuss: buying gifts, decorating the home and, of course, decorating the main symbol of the holiday - the New Year tree. This beauty always pleases us with its lights, bringing a certain fairy-tale into the interior of the room. For its decoration on sale there is a huge selection of different toys, but modern trends tend to make handcrafted products of this kind. In this article we will talk about the technique of manufacturing simple, but quite beautiful foam plastic craft for the New Year.
crafts from foam for the New Year

Snowmen from foam plastic

Toys from foam plastic for the New Year: the merits of the material

Polyfoam is a material from which a variety of toys are made - garlands, stars, bells, snowflakes and others, and this can be both three-dimensional shapes and ordinary applications.

The main advantages are that the foam is simple in processing - easily repainted, plastic and can take any form. It is an environmentally friendly and safe material.

New Year's articles made of polystyrene foam do not require special material investments, this raw material is quite affordable. In addition, you can use fragments of packaging foam, preserved after the purchase of any equipment. One of the advantages of this material is its white color, which makes it possible to make such winter characters as snowmen, polar bears, snowflakes, without additional coloring.

Christmas tree toys from foam with their own hands: what is required for this?

Of course, one foam is not enough to make an original toy. It is also necessary to take care of the availability of tools, glue components, decorative ornaments and other materials.

New Year's Foam Crafts

Master class for making a New Year's ball

Making a particular craft from foam plastic for the New Year will require a corresponding set of additional materials and tools. Basically, you can select accessories such as:

  • foam as the basis of toys, and for some types of products - foam balls, which are sold in stores;
  • knife to create basic shapes;
  • scissors for working with cardboard, paper and fabric.Working with children, it is necessary to use scissors, the ends of which have roundings for safety.;
  • pencils or felt-tip pens that can be used both for the design of the sketch, and for painting the crafts;
  • PVA glue;
  • cardboard and colored paper;
  • multi-colored pieces of fabric for the possible decoration of items of clothing of fairy-tale characters;
  • various decorative ornaments - beads, buttons, sparkles, which will make New Year's decorations made of foam plastic much brighter and more expressive.

In addition to the above-mentioned accessories, you may also need a compass, a ruler, studs, pins, toothpicks and other components of the set, but this already depends on a particular model.

If you have armed yourself with everything you need and are ready to start working with pleasure, we will consider what kind of Christmas tree toys can be made from foam with your own hands from the simplest options to more complex models.

Christmas crafts from foam: cheerful snowman

Of course, the snowman is one of the attributes of the New Year. This favorite character of many children in the snowy winter adorns any yard. Do not go without it, and children's New Year holidays and performances. When making a snowman toy it is necessary to prepare polystyrene beads of different sizes, colored paper, markers, scissors, beads, glue and a small piece of cloth.

First, using glue PVA must glue three balls - the torso of a snowman. If there are no finished balls - they can be made by yourself. For this, it is necessary to “gut” a piece of foam plastic and roll the balls with glue. Add small elements in the form of ears or handles. Eyes and a smile draw with a marker or use for this beads, which are also glued to the base. The headpiece can be made from colored paper (in the form of a traditional bucket), or you can sew the simplest hat and scarf from a small piece of cloth.If you want to give more symbolism of the holiday, such toys made of polystyrene for the New Year can be additionally decorated with rain or sparkles - they will stand out well on the tree and shimmer with flowers in the lights of garlands.

Funny sheep, like Christmas decorations from foam

These toys can not only decorate the tree - they can serve as a good addition to the decor of the entire room or apartment. You can place cute sheep, for example, on the ledge or shelves in the nursery. Such trinkets, no doubt, will please your child, introducing into the interior the element of the presence of kind and amusing creatures.

toy on the tree of foam

Toy - sheep

So, for the manufacture of such artifacts from foam plastic for the New Year, as a sheep, they will need:

  • Styrofoam;
  • knife for cutting the main form;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • cardboard;
  • a small piece of cloth;
  • satin ribbons;
  • buttons or ready-made artificial eyes.

Initially, it is necessary to cut out an oval from the foam, which will serve as the body. Then another piece of foam should be "gutted" and using glue to apply a shaving throughout the body. Sew a sheep's head out of a small piece of matter (or cut out of cardboard) and glue it to the body. In this case, the upper part of the head must also be processed with shavings. The legs are made in the form of satin ribbons glued to the inside. Eyes and nose can be drawn with a felt-tip pen, or made of colored paper.

There is one simple way to make eyes with a stirring effect: we cut out a bulge for empty tablets for tablets, put a black bead inside. The back is sealed with paper or cardboard.

Attaching a rope to a sheep with a hairpin at the end, we will get an original Christmas tree toy.

Christmas decorations from foam: a fabulous house of the Snow Maiden

To make a fabulous house made from foam plastic is a little more complicated than previous versions. The difficulty lies specifically in cutting out the body itself - more time and the presence of certain skills are already required here. You can also arrange the elements of the thread, for a greater effect of naturalness and fabulousness. A good idea would be to design a chimney on the house, where all family members will be able to put little notes with wishes for gifts for the New Year. This idea will surely please the children.

The house can be painted or left white, as if made of snow. As decorations use sequins, straziki, in general, any brilliant material, including rain. This fabulous house can be installed under the tree, placing next to and other New Year's crafts from foam.

Making a wreath from foam plastic on the door of the house or on your Christmas tree can be no less difficult. This is hard work! As an example of a cute openwork wreath presented a photo below. You can try to create such a masterpiece with your own hands.

toys from foam plastic for a new year - a wreath

New Year's wreath of foam


Hand-made Christmas tree foam toys will give a completely original look to the surrounding environment of the dwelling and will delight guests with their creativity. It’s not bad to involve children in this - their violent imagination can help in creating completely non-standard models and colors, besides, spending time together for such work will leave them with a lot of positive memories.

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