Create a New Year nail design 2016: photos and examples

The main trends in manicure design are inseparable from the general image. The design of winter nails 2016, photos and examples, which you will find in our article, demonstrate the harmonious relationship of manicure with the shape of the hands, the skin color of a woman. The main trend in the coming year is harmony and naturalness. Then follows the color of lacquer, the shape and color of the ornaments that are applied to the surface. What is it, the current New Year manicure by 2016? The photos used in our article will help you with the choice of "dress" for your marigold!

Create a New Year nail design 2016: photos and examples

Original and beautiful nail design

Tie your nail design with the symbol of the coming year - the fiery Monkey, and people around you will appreciate your efforts. Immaculate and original manicure will be an alternative to expensive jewelry. Modern fashion designers highlight some relevant trends that relate to the color of lacquer and pattern. Popular gloss replaces the matte structure of lacquer, which can successfully mask the flaws and irregularities of the nail plate. However, it is not necessary to be categorical.The current manicure, the photos of which colorfully demonstrate pastel colors, is the main trend of the season. These are glossy, and matte beige, and pastel shades, and milky color, etc. Choose a fabulous and sparkling nail design. The photos presented in the article will help women not to get confused and make the right choice!

Create a New Year nail design 2016: photos and examples

Unleash your imagination

It is fashionable to put thematic images of the New Year, for example:

  • green Christmas tree;
  • wooden sled;
  • Santa Claus;
  • muzzles of sheep and goats;
  • snowflakes and snowmen.

Create a New Year nail design 2016: photos and examples

New Year's nail design by 2016 should include red, because our Monkey is red! This color is well combined with such shades and colors as:

  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • purple;
  • red;
  • white;
  • the black.

Actual nail design will surprise you with avant-garde. You can experiment and paint each nail in a separate color. If you doubt the choice, you can see the fashion magazines that show the winter design.

Create a New Year nail design 2016: photos and examples

Note that the patroness of the New Year allows the use of metallic shades in manicure. These are copper, and silver, and gold colors. Choose only the best nail design for the New Year 2016.Photos from our article will help in choosing a New Year's manicure, which will become a bright accent in your New Year's image. You don’t even have to put rings and other accessories on your pens to get your attention!

Brave and creative design

In manicure, you can use the iridescent and radiant white effect. It is basic and can be mixed with:

  • red;
  • burgundy;
  • purple and others

This choice will not go unnoticed, as your nail design. You can find photos of this season on our website. The unconditional discovery of the year can be considered the transition of tones from dark to light.

New-year design of nails can be with sparkles and beads, and also decorated with spraying and painting. What does fashionable nail design demonstrate? Photos of the leading fashion magazines clearly show that the design of the manicure should be inextricably linked with the outfit and makeup. The integrity of the whole image and, of course, mood are important.

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