Dealing with addictions

Is it genetic?

Many scientists dealing with the problems of the brain, say on the basis of very serious research that the dependencies are genetically determined, that is, predetermined. In the book of Dick Svaab “We are our brain” it is written in detail, in an accessible form, extremely convincingly. Dick Swab himself almost all his life worked at the Brain Institute in Amsterdam. Yes, unfortunately, it is necessary to recognize and accept these statements of scientists and treat addictions as diseases that require serious, long-term and complex treatment.

What are dependencies and what can they be?

The dependencies known to the general population are alcohol, narcotic, nicotine. But in fact they are much more. Let's add to this list food addiction, labor (hello to workaholics!), Dependence on a person (yes, there is one!), Internet addiction. And remember Dostoevsky's famous play "The Gambler"! That's right, there is also a game addiction (roulette, automata, computer games).

Dealing with addictions

Any addiction is bad! It would seem, it is clear to all. But how many people addictions (English addiction - addiction, addiction) is subject to! Meanwhile, genetic predetermination is not a verdict. It is possible to prevent the pathological development of mental states, the psychological phase of dependence. Than? Parenting! But if this phase has already passed into the physical and a dependence has arisen at the physiological, biochemical level, it is extremely difficult to cure the patient. It is theoretically possible, but in reality it is very difficult.

Alcohol addiction

Initially, purely psychological dependence. Get together with friends, have a drink, have a snack, chat. Everything seems to be beautiful and quite decent. But with frequent and excessive use of an innocent habit inevitably leads to the need not so much to talk as to drink. And further - more. Already want to drink, and one in a bad mood, some kind of turmoil. And then, and no reason is necessary, there is only a need to drink.

Drug addiction

Dependence, which also begins because of mere curiosity. The friends tell us how great it is, cool, and insist: “What are you, a wimp? Coward? Try it! Kayf! ”And just wimps who are not able to refuse, try.Sometimes it is enough once, and the dependence becomes physical. It all depends on the characteristics of the body.

Food addiction

Dependency, which begins with the fact that you start to look in the refrigerator, not to satisfy the feeling of hunger, but just like that, for example, while watching the series. Or "zaedaete" their problems (excitement, anxiety, experience). Thus, the conditioned reflex is formed.

Dependence on the person

Dangerous addiction, about which few people know, and if he knows, he does not attach much importance. And in vain. Of course, everything looks innocent outwardly. This is not an alcoholic or a drug addict, who most often behave inadequately, or even aggressively.

Nevertheless, psychological dependence on a person takes the main place in terms of prevalence! And those feelings experienced by people suffering from this disease can lead to serious consequences. Mothers abandon their children, daughters and sons - their loving parents, go to great lengths just to be close to the object of their adoration, passion, desire. Even when it is obvious to everyone that this object is very far from ideal.

So, just the other day my grandmother and great-grandmother were with me at the reception with a small, one and a half year old boy, who was taken away from her daughter-granddaughter. A girl who grew up with a passionate love for her mother and grandmother, went to college, met there a young man whom she loved so much that she did everything to make him feel good. She got pregnant by chance, gave birth. The child was completely uninterested in his father and even irritated. The new mother was more worried about the condition of her lover than the child. They left the institute, they lived in a rented apartment, relatives helped them with money, their parents barely attended to the child. As a result, the baby has severe hypotrophy, he was hospitalized in the hospital, and from there he already got to the grandmothers. Parents guardianship bodies were deprived of parental rights due to the lack of proper care. And the girl (the same mother) seemed to be blind. He does not see any flaws in his idol, continues to idolize him, while he occasionally visits his son without much interest.

Dealing with addictions

There are many such or similar examples. So I advise you to be attentive to your health and get tested for the genetic risk of addiction.Testing is free for everyone.on the baseMoscow scientific and practical center of narcology, the whole process takes less than a minute, and the results become known within a few days.

You can, before registering for a survey, independently pass a psychological test. The American Psychiatric Association has developed seven criteria for addiction - answer yourself honestly, whether your dependency has grown into the following stages:

  • Tolerance

You have to constantly increase the dose, because the previous dosage is not enough for you.

  • Cancellation syndrome

It is necessary to take a break, and life around stops, as it were, and the new dose turns into an obsession.

  • Uncontrollability

The dose is getting bigger.

  • The inability to stay without help

Any attempt to get rid of dependence on their own ends in complete failure.

  • Perpetual search

In search of a new dose, it takes you more and more time.

  • Social disadaptation

Family, work, hobby - you are all relegated to the second, or even the tenth plan.

  • Continuation

You see no problems and continue to feed your addiction.

If you find any warning signs, then what? Knowing the existence of a predisposition, do not hesitate to discuss the problem with relatives, and if the situation has gone far, seek professional help. This will avoid the development of your addiction. In any case, I want to hope for this.

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