Delicious and healthy plum juice

How pleasant it is in winter to drink a glass of juice prepared by yourself, to enjoy the taste, having received besides this a powerful vitamin charge. Plum juice - one of the most popular in the list of preservation, and all because you do not need any wisdom to cook it.

The obvious benefit

Plums are composed of a whole list of vitamins, including A, C, P and B vitamins, as well as calcium, potassium and iron necessary for humans. And depending on the variety, you can also saturate the body with several types of acids: oxalic, citric or malic.

All this will help to cope with a number of problems:

  1. Normalize the bowels.
  2. Reduce the acidity of gastric juice.
  3. Start the process of active cell renewal, warning of the aging process.
  4. Antioxidants contained in plums, protect cells from free radicals, linking them, thus reducing the risk of various formations.

The fruit does not lose its beneficial qualities even in the process of heat treatment.

Hostess on the note

To get a really tasty drink, you need to choose the right fruit. It is better to choose late-ripening varieties of dark color, so the billet will have a sweeter taste and a pronounced aroma.

Technique to help

The simplest and fastest option for making juice is to make it in a juice cooker. Its main advantage is that you are not required to continuously monitor and control the process. "Household assistant" will do everything herself.

Sokovarka is a container with water, which put the stewpan. During the cooking process, liquid will collect at its bottom, which through the attached tube will flow into the prepared container.

So, for this recipe you will need:

  • plums - 2 kg;
  • sugar - 2 kg;
  • water - 3 l.

Fruits are pitted, placed in a saucepan, boiling water at the bottom of the juice cooker to a boil. Leave to boil for 1 hour, then substitute a container for a drink. At this stage, do not forget to add sugar too.

There are two options for preparation with the help of the juicer:

  1. Juice drained into the container must be boiled for 7 minutes and poured into cans, then rolled up.
  2. Prepare sterilized jars, which are put under the juicer and rolled up after filling.

Remaining after cooking cake do not need to throw out. You can put it in a bowl, boil it and make jam.

It is also worth remembering that the water during the cooking process tends to evaporate, so do not forget to periodically raise the saucepan, and if necessary add water.

Another way to make a plum beverage is through a juicer. Here you have to work a little, but on the other hand you will get a natural product with pulp.

To do this, fresh peeled fruit must be placed in a juicer and get to work. The remaining cake to dilute with water in a ratio of 1: 1 and add to the juice. Boil everything over low heat for 10 minutes, pour into sterilized jars and roll up.


If you prefer light drinks that do not need to be diluted, then it is worth taking note of the following recipe. We will cook in a regular saucepan, so choose its size depending on the number of products.


  • plums - 3 kg;
  • sugar - 2.5 kg;
  • water - 3 l.

Pour the fruit into the pot, cover with water so that they are completely covered.Bring to a boil and let boil for 40 minutes. Watch the degree of boiling over plums, if they still retain a dense shape, time can be increased.

When the fruits are sufficiently boiled, they need to get and wipe. At home, to make it easier, it will be enough to prepare a sieve. Boil the resulting pulp for 5 minutes, rub again and add to the juice. Put the sugar and cook for 15 minutes. At the final stage, pour on the banks and roll up.


Having prepared such juice for the winter, you can be sure that only a few cans are enough, because from 1 liter of concentrate you can get 2 liters of drink.

In this recipe, there is no water among the ingredients, so only fruit and sugar will be needed. The amount of the latter is taken from the calculation of 100 g per 1 kg of fruit.

Mix the plums into a deep container, bring to a boil and make a small fire. Next, you need to wait until the juice is finished, and remove the mass from the fire. Rub the fruit part through a sieve, add sugar to the juice and pour out the cake. Boil a maximum of 10 minutes and roll up in jars.

Through the press

But how to prepare juice without pulp, if at hand did not find the necessary equipment? You can use the press.

To do this, select the softest fruit, clean and blanch a few minutes, then put in a colander and warm a little more in a water bath. Put the mass in gauze as follows: a layer of plums — gauze — a layer of plums — gauze.

We put the press on the obtained "tower" and wait for the complete separation of the juice. The liquid is heated to 90 degrees, rolled into banks.

Remember that the safety of seaming depends not only on the correct preparation of raw materials, but also the correct preparation of seaming tanks.

In the process of cooking, you can also experiment and add to the existing fruit additional components - apricot, apple, peach, various berries, as well as more exotic options, such as grapefruit or orange.

Enjoy a delicious drink and enjoy the culinary experiments!

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