Do-it-yourself room repair in an apartment

Hall - this is the appearance of the apartment, and the hall is not only as a reflection of a person’s personality. To embody it in objects, color and various ornaments is not for everyone. It is incredibly difficult to comprehend everything and make a choice in favor of one thing, because then it is necessary to realize our plans. In the heyday of Khrushchev's new buildings, the living room was called a hall, since in this room the functions of several rooms could be combined at once, such as: kitchen, bedroom, light rooms, and a study. Therefore, a person who has at least some construction skills should dorepair the hall with his own handsand courageously solve pop-up problems.

What room to do first?

For example, start by repairing a small room, such as a bedroom. Why? Let’s giveseveral facts in favor ofthis repair:

  1. It will take a lot of manpower and money to repair the hall.
  2. After practicing in the bedroom, it will be much easier to make repairs in the living room.
  3. Suppose you want to combine a bedroom and a balcony.The resulting area, you can competently organize and then arrange. And besides, you will get experience in solving redevelopment questions.

As a result, getting an unforgettable experience, which later will probably come in handy.


To get started,you need to solve:

  • Where the appliances will be located, such as: music center, TV, home theater.
  • Location of upholstered furniture, for easy viewing.
  • Will the old computer desk look organic after a repair, or do you need to purchase something new.
  • Where to put a wardrobe, rack or chest of drawers.
  • Solve the issue with lighting.
  • Do I need to install an air conditioner.
  • Whether or not it is necessary to hang paintings or stained glass on the walls.
  • Will the ceiling lights be diodes.
  • The electric fire is important or not.
  • And finally, the most important thing is whether there is unanimity of all family members on all questions, or should a designer be called in.

All of the above is used to design the appearance of the future living room. On the basis of the technical project, the development, and then the plan for the production of works, is conducted. Indeed, depending on all this, the price tag for repairs will vary.


Does the TV hang on the bracket? The question is whether to spend 2 or even 4 thousand rubles. on the bracket itself. It is worth it if there is a need to free a square meter of space and there is a desire to watch TV from different positions. At the same time, zoning of the space will be made easier, which willreduce costs and facilitate work.


TV will look very good above the fireplace, if, of course, this decor allows the living room area. But there is one caveat: a person cannot turn his head by more than 10 °, therefore, while watching TV, his perception does not happen completely, which, in turn, leads to a deterioration in vision. Thus, itlimitsthe space for the possible arrangement of upholstered furniture.


Lighting is avery important part offinishingspace. The choice of type of lighting must be approached very carefully, as this is a large factor affecting the mood. It is better to agree on what the light will be with all family members in advance.


Absolutely any construction begins with aproject. If we talk about the repair of rooms, then with design.A competent project will accurately determine the amount of materials, the sequence and method of their application. Often, during the repair, the room is changed, for which a special permit is required. Such permissions without a project fail. Any project must be with exact dimensions, otherwise repair on it will be either terribly expensive, or unfinished.

Living room and its zoning

In any regular living room, it’s common to havemultiple zones:

  1. Rest area
  2. Work area
  3. sleeping area.

This zoning can be done without repair, simply by rearranging the furniture.


Using the arch, the room can be made cozier and lighter. To create the arch, the door and door frames are removed, and a plasterboard construction is made at the top of the opening.


The main problem when combining the bedroom and living room is the separation of the sleep area from the main interior. This can be achieved by diverting attention from the sleeping area:

  • furniture;
  • color solutions;
  • dividing the lighting into zones.
Living rooms-bedrooms


Where to put a sleeping bed

It is difficult to find a place to sleep in the living room. Well, if it is far from the entrance and closer to the window. In some rooms this is not possible. An excellent solution can be a wardrobe - a transformer with a built-in bed.

Hall - Kitchen

This isa great solutionif you want more space. This room requires half the furniture. And it has one significant difficulty: it is necessary to think in advance about high-quality ventilation and a good exhaust system, otherwise the smells when cooking will be distributed throughout the living room.


1.Ceilingcan be:

a) paint, it's the easiest and cheapest way;

b) paste over the wallpaper;

c) pasted with tiles;

d) organize a false ceiling or plasterboard ceiling;

d) make the tension;

e) organize a suspended ceiling.

2.Wallscan be:

a) plastering;

b) paint;

c) paste over the wallpaper;

d) sheathe the laminate;

e) fix the tile material;

e) organize all sorts of crates;

g) put ceramic tiles;

h) Decorate with decorative stone.


a) lay the classic plank floor;

b) pour concrete screed;

c) put the carpet;

d) to lay parquet;

d) lay the laminate;

e) organize a self-leveling floor with drawings and even 3D printing.


4.Custom Finish:

a) cork wallpaper;

b) plaster plaster (liquid wallpaper);

c) decorative plaster;

d) marmoleum (type of linoleum);

d) Bamboo parquet


Speaking of design, we mean styles: classic, modern style, high-tech, art deco, minimalism, fusion, feng shui, ethnic clone, country.

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