Vintage decorations on the tree {do ​​it yourself}

Yes - yes! New Years is soon! It's time to start preparing for this beautiful, family and warm holiday, despite the temperature outside the window.

Today we will make vintage Christmas toys with our own hands. Knowing the current prices for toys, we offer a budget option that will not differ from purchased toys, and if you put your heart into it, then we will be able to surpass factory clones! The basis for our toys will beplastic glasses, which can be bought in stores"All for 5"

Here's what you need:

- Plastic glasses

- Knife

- Cardboard and colored paper

- Glue for shoes and silicone

- Keychains

- Beads

- Scissors

When we have all the materials at hand, we can begin! Below is a detailed workshop in the photos, if you have any questions, we will wait for your comments.

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