Dogs are our best friends (29 photos)

"We are responsible for those who have tamed."

A. Saint-Exupery

Perhaps the most loyal, devoted and loving animal in relation to the human race was and remains the dog. These fluffy, strong and, so different, four-legged friends for thousands of years live side by side with a man, giving him love, protection and sincere friendship.

In all ages, dogs were valued and respected, and in some countries were even worshiped and praised as a deity, they were given to emperors, and in deserts they were considered the most important and valuable property.

Kind eyes

People actively use their hunting instinct, dogs, depending on the breed, can become a loyal and strong protector, as well as an interesting and favorite companion in life.

Until now, it is not known for certain from whom the modern dog originated, or when the animal was domesticated. It is hard to imagine, but once peace-loving dogs were wild and dangerous to humans, there are versions that they evolved from wolves, but there are other opinions that the ancestors, unknown today, were ancient animals.

It is believed that the complete domestication and close "cooperation" of man and dog occurred about 14 thousand years ago, the process of domestication was long and difficult, it is believed that to a greater extent this happened on the Asian and African mainland.


At first, animals simply surrounded the dwelling of an ancient man, near which a large quantity of waste products, bones and other wastes, which attracted tetrapods, always accumulated.

Over time, a person began to feed them, but, to be sure, it was not possible to accustom the dog at once, but it was worth it. Perhaps these representatives of four-legged friends were only partly similar to modern specimens, however, even then they actively guarded the human dwelling and helped to hunt, for which they received warm shelter and food.

If you wanted to have a dog?

If you decide to make such a friend, it is important to know that today there are about 400 breeds of small and large dogs, if you can’t determine which representatives you like best, just admire the beautiful photos of animals.

Pretty boy

All of them differ in size, nature, color and purpose, and, therefore, character and behavior.Among all existing breeds there are several main groups: for example, hunting dogs - they are used primarily for hunting, depending on the method of hunting, are also divided into cops, greyhounds, hounds, burrows.

Another type - watchdogs - strong and confident, fearless and mistrustful of strangers, can be aggressive and very sensitive. This includes almost all varieties of shepherd dogs, boxers, rottweilers, Great Danes, Terriers and many others.

Security guard

The third type - the most innocuous and popular recently - decorative dogs. Most often, small, their name speaks for itself, can be a great friend for a person and a child, as far as they can, they can even participate in the educational process of the child.


Over the past centuries, man has bred a lot of highly specialized breeds, for example, sniffer dogs or dogs meant for transporting people, such as beloved by many, Huskies and Samoyeds. During the war, such animals were used to transmit reports or transport the wounded, but today there is a separate type of four-legged animals, which are vehicles for blind people.

Friends from the North

What kind of dog to choose for your own home is a master's job, but you should always remember that there are no bad dogs, each of them needs human kindness, care and help. If you decide to take the dog on the numerous requests of the child, be sure to make sure that this is not a passing whim of a naughty kid, but a healthy and sensible decision.

If you are definitely convinced of your own good intentions, we hasten to congratulate you: dogs perfectly adapt to people and different situations, have developed abilities to learn and love to play.

What to say, four-legged pets are very loyal and faithful friends, they are forever attached to their master and, in which case, it is very difficult to bear his loss, which is why it is important to approach this decision with all the responsibility of the case.

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