Dream Interpretation: What does it mean to see a rat in a dream?

There are some dreams that, without any bloody details, are endowed with a negative aura and carry a danger. That is why, if you dreamed of living or dead rats, you would rather decipher the image. After all, it seems that he can promise nothing good. Is it really? Or is it all prejudice? You can get acquainted with different values ​​of sleep with the help of several interpreters. But remember: to get a clear picture, it is worth remembering a maximum of details and details of what he saw.

According to Miller's dream book

This interpreter of dreams is one of the most respected. That's why on it often find out what rats dream about. The sight of a rodent means deception. Negative comes from the neighbor. Such dreams can be interpreted as misunderstandings and quarrels with business partners.

Of great importance are the details. To kill a rat in a dream is good news. You will be able to achieve your goals and defeat the enemies.

Grab a rodent is a symbol of disdain and contempt. It will be unpleasant for you to communicate with people who have obeyed their base desires and go to their intended goals over their heads. But you will win a worthy victory over your enemies.

According to Tsvetkov's dream book

This interpreter of dreams associates the rat seen in night dreams with various symbols. Such an image can mean:

  • danger;
  • tears;
  • insults;
  • trouble;
  • disappointment.

On a note! If you dream a white rat, it means a hidden danger. You will be a relationship that has become unnecessary.

Another meaning is a similar dream, if you dreamed about how you kill a pest. Such a symbol brings good luck. In this case, the larger the rodent, the more happiness you expect.

According to the dream book of Lofa

If you decide to interpret a similar symbol according to the dream book of Lofa, then you should evaluate it as the fear of being lonely, you are afraid of losing friends. Become unnecessary. Also, this dream can predict a deterioration in reputation and a fall down the social ladder.

This dream has another meaning. A dream can mean justified anxiety for its safety. You can not only be deceived, but even beaten or robbed.What is the worst thing, you will gradually lose everything you have acquired, as if not noticing it.

On a note! If you do not perceive rats as nasty and vile pests, but associate animals with cute pets, then you should beware of your health. Such a picture in night dreams foreshadows the disease. You expect the inconvenience in life and property losses.

According to the dream book Hasse

To see a rat in the nighttime dreams of a Hasse is a bad omen. It promises trouble and the appearance of enemies, but you will manage to get out of all the difficult situations as a real winner.

According to the dream book Meneghetti

A few interpretations of this image gives the dream book Meneghetti. Rat dreams about bad news. The image itself is filled with negativity and danger. A rat is just that rodent who aspires to approach as close as possible to a person, his food, things or wealth. Accordingly, such dreams predict a negative impact from outside on the health, safety and material well-being of the dreamer.

Note! The very image of the animal represents destruction, fear and disgust.

Such dreams can be interpreted as the fear of mistakes.You are too obsessed with the possibility of losing luck and luck. In this case, you are gnawing a sense of guilt. There are concerns with regard to health and health.

For women, such night dreams mean an incorrectly defined style of behavior, including with the opposite sex. Behind the mask of attractiveness and sexuality, the lady hides a single desire - to rule and dominate. She wants to subjugate a person, and not to give him love, affection, care. What is noteworthy, in the same context, the interpreter of Meneghetti deciphers this dream, but in the context of motherhood.

According to the female dream book

An interesting interpretation is given also by the Female Dream Book seen in the night dreams of a rat. Such an image portends problems with neighbors and quarrels. To see such a dream is to conflicts in the working environment, misunderstandings with colleagues and business partners.

Decipher, to what to dream of a rat in the Dream of a Woman, can be like quick wins and achievements in all endeavors. Grab the animal - to the disapproval of your part of other people in their base passions and conquering weaknesses. Kill the animal - to be above the rest on the head in work and affairs.

According to the English dream book

According to the English dream book, rats personify danger. You have many enemies. Soon you will have to learn that the ill-wishers conceived the evil. Their machinations will give you a lot of anxiety and anxiety.

This dream has a different interpretation. He warns against hypocrisy on the part of a man who calls himself your friend. Someone envious trying to disrupt your happiness and spoil all the plans.

Such a dream bears a negative coloring to the beloved. To dream of a rat for a person in a pair means the appearance of an opponent or rival. Someone wants to break your union and win the heart of a partner or partner. So be on the lookout!

On small Veles' dream book

In a dream, seeing a rodent means danger. The image as a whole is negative and promises:

  • tears;
  • threats;
  • grief;
  • diseases;
  • news of enemies;
  • unpleasant troubles.

Note! But a completely different color gets such a symbol, if you had a dream about how you kill or catch a rodent. In this case, nightly dreams promise success and the opportunity to get around all the failures.

According to the dream book of Dmitry and Hope of Winter

This dream book identifies a rat with hidden dangers, anxieties and threats.If you dream of a living animal, listen to your intuition. An inner voice can warn you of a near misfortune. Trust your forebodings.

Someone from close people whom you considered friends or friends, is building intrigues behind your back. Trust them can not. In a difficult situation, they will abandon you and betray you.

According to the Chinese dream book

A rodent is dreaming - in Chinese dream it means something good. A more specific interpretation can be obtained by recalling some of the details of night dreams. To see a big rat running - to the good news and amenities.

White pest - to the support and assistance from the right people. The dream is how an animal bites you - to achieve all your goals and unprecedented heights in work or study.

According to Wangi's dream book

To dream of many living rats is a manifestation of a negative perception of one's own "I". You are unhappy with yourself and the world around you. Almost all people you think are bad. You are waiting for evil from them.

On a note! According to the dream Vanga, the rat is identified with betrayal and betrayal. That is why you need to exercise caution and forethought.

Decipher the dream will help you with the details.I dreamed of a white rat - to the betrayal of a loved one or one whom you considered a friend. In relation to you, a vile and very ugly act will be committed by a close one.

Seeing a gray rodent in the night dreams is a negative symbol. He predicts a dreamer's danger. Sleep foreshadows:

  • tears;
  • cunning;
  • meanness;
  • cheating

But if you had a dream about how you kill or just chase the animal, you can not worry. You will be able to overcome the enemies.

If you dream of a black rat, while it is alive and large enough, it means a problem. The larger the rodent, the greater the difficulty. If you dream about how you killed or scared away the animal, then all difficulties can be successfully resolved.

Note! A small black rat - to little trouble and hectic.

It is also worth assessing other details of sleep. Bite rats - to the great scandal with friends. From the teeth of the pest remained a bloody wound - to a quarrel with relatives. Chasing a large number of rats - to the troubles and problems with which you will be able to brilliantly cope. If you dream of animals biting other people, they will have difficulties.To poison the animals - to the successful implementation of all plans and the implementation of the plan.

According to the Dreamman of the Wanderer

The dream book of the Wanderer also gives its interpretation of what he saw. This interpreter gives such dreams an alarming meaning. They promise the dreamer anxiety, the appearance in his life of a dangerous man, illness and frustration.

White rat dreams - to obtain dishonest money. Wealth will lead to a loss of moral values. Greed and greed will come first.

Note! The interpreter notes that the acquisition of wealth may be associated with the appeal to unclean forces.

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