Dresses Christian Dior - the dream of a real woman (16 photos)

“Luxury is simplicity,” Christian Dior.

The name of the famous designer, who would have turned 110 this year, is probably known to everyone, it never ceases to excite and inspire connoisseurs of beauty in the world of high female fashion. The world glory of Christian Dior does not subside to this day, and the fashion house, which now bears his name, provides unique masterpieces to the world every year.

They always pursue the main line, which the great couturier once laid down long ago - a woman should remain a woman, and clothing should help her in this, emphasizing and strengthening her main advantages.

This is probably why the Dior brand is a real female fairy tale where you can find unique, sensual, maddening, clothes dressed up with a somewhat mysterious and relevant sense of dignity.

Christian Dior - romantic in a strict suit

Christian Dior was born back in 1905 in the small provincial town of Granville, Normandy.Christian's childhood was spent in a small mansion, surrounded by a large garden with beautiful and lush English roses, which his mother took great care of.

Talented person

By the way, it is believed that she inspired Christian to the creative profession, although she was not beautiful, she had a unique sense of taste that combined the luxury of simplicity and restraint.

The boy's father was a businessman, and therefore he wanted Christian to do something more solid than drawing clothes and women's hats. It is because of this, literally 10 years later, he moved to France, where he was to become a diplomat. But his father’s hopes were not justified, after a year a young Christian throws out boring sciences and, through long disputes and conflicts, nevertheless agrees with his parents and opens, together with his friend, a gallery.

Famous brand

There, young people exhibit works by Picasso and Dali, develop, as far as it was possible at that time, but the beginning of 1929 destroyed all undertakings: the stock market crisis in America sets in and people begin to completely abandon luxury goods, including paintings, jewelry , expensive clothes and trips to the theaters.Over time, the gallery had to close, and Dior, at this time, decides to make a career in the fashion world.

The work of this famous and talented designer began with small sketches and small sketches of clothes, which were used as illustrations for newspapers and magazines. Even then, the main motive of all of Dior’s work — the female flower — which should radiate femininity and beauty, began to be traced.

They say that it was the magnificent English roses in his mother's garden that became the main passion of Christian, and, subsequently, accompanied him all his life, resulting in the motifs of his magnificent and evening dresses. It is Dior who owes the world the appearance of the New Look style, which, with time, has firmly established itself behind the silhouettes of the famous couturier dresses.

Simple but interesting

What was the difference between this “new look” and the old? The fact is that the first collection, released by Dior directly under his name, came just in time after the war, it was time for women to get rid of coarse and ascetic images imposed by a difficult period of time.

And he succeeded - literally fluttered luxurious, lightweight and incredibly charming models on the catwalk: in lush and airy skirts andcrinolines, narrow high bodices emphasized a slender waist and a magnificent chest, hands were hidden behind long gloves, and faces were covered with mysterious veils and hats.


It was a real explosion, Diora was waiting for a resounding success, even despite the skeptical responses of the then critics, most importantly, all the models presented were liked by the target audience, namely, women. Interestingly, Dior's luxurious dresses did not suit the taste of housewives, they thought that they were excessively, unreasonably expensive, and therefore did not have the right to live.

But the couturier, as soon as he began work on his collection, said that he dreams of creating the best, expensive, you can say, thoroughbred dresses that can be worn by the real queens. And it turned out that the first collection of the master, which was published in 1947, was called "The King" and successfully combined the style of Louis 16, who since childhood was interested in Christian, as well as the romantic silhouette of the guitar.

Christian Dior - a unique and immortal

This is how a new landmark in the history of the fashion house of the great couturier started, which, by the way, created only 10 years: in 1957 his life abruptly ended, Dior died of a heart attack.Perhaps, if it were not for the premature death, the master would have been able to create more masterpieces, even on what has already been presented to the world, left a significant mark in the history of world fashion.

Very beautiful dresses

Surprisingly, Christian Dior himself was never the owner of the fashion house that bears his name, he worked all his life in it as a hired designer, and the entire financial side of the issue was taken by his longtime comrade, the textile “king” of France, Marcel Boussac.

Almost all Dior models had characteristic elements inherent in the New Look style, but at the same time, each of them remained unique in its own way. If you look at the photos with images of the master's works, then you can see that Christian did not like too bright and contrasting colors, his collections were dominated by discreet shades: black, gray, brown, white, smoky shades and red.


Sometimes dresses could be decorated with embroidery, but she never overloaded them and played a secondary role. The most important thing in Dior's dresses is the cut, and not at all the finishing, the colors or the drape. And, surprisingly, in his outfits the woman instantly turned into a real flower, a lush rose or a delicate unopened bud.

Interestingly, Christian Dior himself adhered to the classic and even, one might say, boring style, outwardly he looked more like an office worker or a clerk than a talented designer.

Needless to say, this man managed to turn an ordinary woman into a royal and beautiful person, ready for new challenges, not without reason, such celebrities as famous ladies like Grace Kelly, Edith Piaf, Liz Taylor, Marlene Dietrich and others went to his clients.

The master was replaced by other talented designers, his successor was very young then Yves Saint Laurent, over time, and changed by other designers, but Christian Dior remains a legend inspiring followers to new creations.

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