Dry branches in the interior - 45 Ideas

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Today we will talk about natural materials that can be used in interior decoration. This type of decor does not require financial investments, creates a special atmosphere in the house, you will feel the unity with nature, which will definitely refresh any interior.

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Repeatedly, walking in picturesque parks or visiting small squares, you came across dry twigs of an unusual shape and you passed by without even suspecting that this was another material for decor that nature itself gave us.

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There are a lot of ideas where you can use dry branches. They can arrange candles, decorate a mirror, make an original cornice or a hanger for things.It all depends on your imagination! Do not forget that the branches can be used not only in the original form, but also opened with varnish or painted in any color.

We have put together45 original ideasusing dry branches in the interior. They will interest you in that they do not require special skills and abilities, it is only necessary to decide on the idea of ​​decor and pick up a twig of beautiful shape.

Remember that only dry branches are suitable for decor, if you just broke it, you will have to dry it.

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