Effective ways to use lemon balm oil

Melissa, like its close relative, mint, is one of the most ancient medicinal plants. Ancient Greek healers called it "the elixir of vitality." She gave cheerfulness, perfectly refreshed and toned, and was also one of the most effective means for treating various wounds.

The oil, which is obtained from the stems and leaves of the plant, has a huge number of useful properties, which we'll talk about in more detail.

Healing aromatherapy

Treatment of infirmities with essential oils in the distant past was available only to people from wealthy estates. They were used for massages, added to baths, aroma lamps and wearable medallions. Today, these tools are available to everyone.

Natural melissa oil is a rather expensive product.

Outwardly it has a slightly yellowish tinge, and the smell includes notes of lemon, for which the plant is often called lemon.

Let's find out what useful characteristics it has:

  1. Neurologists advise the use of this tool to influence the psycho-emotional sphere. It helps to cope with insomnia, improve mood, get rid of depressive moods, improve memory and concentration.
  2. In addition, lemon balm is one of the most effective adaptogens. Drugs based on it can be used to enhance the body's defenses and be used for the aroma lamp during epidemics of viral infections.
  3. It also vividly shows its healing properties in the area of ​​women's problems: it helps to stop bleeding, to eliminate the characteristic manifestations of PMS, to normalize the menstrual cycle and the work of the ovaries.
  4. Cardiologists use it in the treatment of uncomplicated heart disease. For example, patients with arrhythmia extracts from plants help reduce chest pain, shortness of breath and normalize heartbeat. Taking the drug inside will help hypertensive patients to reduce pressure and establish heart rate.
  5. It has oil and a pronounced analgesic effect for headaches, convulsions, and also relieves irritation and itching for any type of allergy.

Cosmetic use

For cosmetic purposes, the plant is most often used:

  • For lips. Due to its healing properties, it helps to improve the condition of the skin after weathering, as well as to fight herpes. The tool can be added to the cream or balm, and use in the cold season. If the lips have lost an attractive pink hue, daily applications of nourishing base oil with the addition of lemon balm are recommended.
  • For the skin. Melissa is especially effective for problem skin prone to oiliness, rashes and acne. How to apply it in such cases? Oil can be used for steam baths, adding a few drops in boiling water, as well as a component for masks or facial lotions.

For a cleansing and matting mask, you need to take in equal proportions several types of oils: grape seed, wheat germ, lemon balm. Mix them with cosmetic clay, turn into a homogeneous mass. Apply for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water.

  • For hair. Extracts from the plant will help to make beautiful and attractive even the most damaged hair. For owners of the fat type, it is recommended to add a few drops of the product to the shampoo.This will help to remove greasiness and strengthen hair.

You can also use it for head massage. Such sessions will prevent entanglement, improve appearance, add shine, and eliminate the need for frequent washing.

For nutritional masks, you can use a lemon plant in combination with other oils - sage, lavender or cedar.

Thanks to its complex chemical composition, lemon balm oil is especially valuable. Just a few drops of this miracle cure can have a therapeutic effect, elevate mood and give energy for the whole day.

But it is worth remembering that a high concentration of funds can adversely affect the skin, causing allergic reactions. Therefore, before using the drug must be diluted or applied point. Be healthy and beautiful!

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