Elastic silicone: Pamela Anderson and in 50 years shows the chest

The bust of the actress looks so unnatural that it no longer causes excitement among others.

The series “Rescuers Malibu” looked absolutely everything, because there were not only beautiful and pumped up men in red shorts, but also busty beauties. It is this series made from Pamela Anderson a real sex bomb, and the actress is trying to match this title to this day. The other day the paparazzi caught Pamela on the way to a charity dinner in Paris. The star put on a very sexy dress of nude silk, which fluttered very nicely. The dress emphasized the magnificent chest of the actress, who looked very unnatural.

Photo: Legion-Media
Photo: Legion-Media
Photo: Legion-Media

It is not a secret for anyone that Anderson is a frequent guest of plastic surgeons, therefore a volumetric bust is their merit. That is why Pamela's chest in the pictures is elastic and not sagging.

The star underwent the first breast correction operation in 1994, when it increased its volume three times. However, she did not stop at that and then changed implants for a long time.About six months ago, everyone discussed that the actress returned her natural size to her breasts and began to wear the most closed outfits. But, apparently, Pamela did not last long and nevertheless decided to return her luxurious forms, for which everyone loves her so much.

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