Elegant table lamp from toys

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If you have a lot of toys with which the child is no longer playing, you don’t have to get rid of them, you can make a unique table lamp with a minimum of budgets. The most difficult thing in this project is to arrange toys and create a composition. It all depends on your imagination. But I'm sure that readersMake-Selfhave more than enough imagination!

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What we need:

To make a table lamp from toy figures we need:

  • toys;
  • spray paint golden;
  • primer;
  • glue;
  • A sharp knife
  • Superglue
  • masking tape;
  • simple table lamp;
  • fine-grained sandpaper.

How make an original table lamp out of toys

How to make an original table lamp:

Step 1.First of all, remove the lampshade from the lamp and paint over the tape for the bulb. Treat the rest of the lamp surface with sandpaper to improve adhesion of adhesive materials.

How make an original table lamp out of toys

Step 2.Gradually assemble the figures into a single composition. If necessary, you can cut or cut them in half, turn their arms and legs in the right direction. Please note, not all materials are glued well. Best of all stick figures of hard plastic. Rubber or soft plastic in this regard, materials are much less reliable. Glue E600 will help to glue the figures securely, but for its setting it takes more than one hour, therefore, in addition to this material, glue the figures with superglue. In addition, wrap the whole composition with paint tape so that the whole composition does not fall apart before the glue dries.

How make an original table lamp out of toys

Step 3.After letting the stand for the table lamp stand for one night, remove the masking tape. If necessary, correct the composition and remove excess glue. Cover the lamp cord with adhesive tape.

How make an original table lamp out of toys

Step 4.Cover the resulting bottom of the lamp with a primer. It is needed as a base layer to paint over all colored figures. Apply the primer in two layers. Let it dry completely.

How make an original table lamp out of toys

Step 5.Start applying the final coating. To do this, take a can of golden paint. Apply it neatly, try not to keep the can on spraying while spraying, so that the paint does not flow with drops.

How make an original table lamp out of toys

After the paint dries completely, insert the bulb and put the lampshade on. Your original table lamp is ready!

How make an original table lamp out of toys

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