Embroidered Notepad

Notebook with embroidery
A creative person always tries to put a bit of originality into any gift. How can I turn a usual notebook for culinary records into a gift? To do this, you need the ability to embroider a cross and a little inspiration! The method described below is quite simple and everyone will be able to cope with it, with a little effort and a good mood. A notebook with embroidery will be a great gift for any holiday and even for no reason. The essence of the work is that the embroidered picture is placed in the cut out window on the front of the notebook. This is another version of how cross-stitch can decorate any things.
 Notebook with embroidery
Tools and Materials:
• Needle for embroidery • Embroidery hoops • • Scissors • • Floss threads of 20 colors, canvas • Stationery knife • • Notepad of a suitable size with a thick cover • Outlines for drawing,• Figured hole punch • White paper • Double-sided tape Workflow. 1.Embroider a cross drawing according to the scheme.
 drawing according to the scheme
 drawing according to the scheme
2. You can use the thread in two additions, you can fix the end of the thread on the front part, holding the needle under three crosses.
 three crosses
3. When the cross-stitch is finished, it is necessary to sheathe the outlines of the embroidered pattern with a stitch seam. Depending on the pattern, stitches can be applied in different directions. To designate a clear outline, it’s best to use black threads.
4. The finished embroidery should be neatly cut with allowances of 3 centimeters around the perimeter.
5. On the front of the notebook with a stationery knife cut a rectangle of such size to fit the embroidered picture. Outline the size of the rectangle in advance with a pencil.
 Notebook for culinary
 cut the window
6.With the help of double-sided tape fix the embroidery in the cut-out window and glue it firmly.
 insert the embroidery
7. Now decorate the resulting frame. To do this, cut out a white paper rectangle corresponding to the size of the frame. Using the curb hole punch to cut patterns along the edges. Stick on a notepad using double-sided tape.
 decorate the resulting frame
8. To decorate the openwork framework with blue and white contours. 9. Notebook for culinary records is ready!
 To color the openwork frame
In the same way you can arrange photo albums or make an original cover on the book. Be creative and let inspiration never leave you. After all, everything that is done by oneself brings love and joy, and your loved ones will certainly appreciate it!

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