English house - what is it?

An English-style house is good quality, high-quality materials and restraint in design. Such houses are chosen, as a rule, by conservatives, admirers of family traditions, who value solidity and quality, but do not accept the pomp and ostentatious chic characteristic of the decoration of most cottage villages built in recent decades.

Appearance of an English house

An English-style house is usually a one- or two-story structure of stone or brick, less commonly wood, with large windows and an entrance in the center of the facade. For the exterior walls are used natural wood or smooth plaster, lined with horizontal and vertical longitudinal finishing lines of a contrasting color, creating the effect of massiveness and gravity.
The roof of the house has a complex structure with a lot of bevels and even small towers-outbuildings, is tiled in the color of the house or 1-2 tones darker.
On the plot, enclosed by a solid solid fence, as a rule, an orchard is laid out, and along the walkway to the house - small flower gardens. Clean, flat lawns and a gazebo are another hallmark of the English style.The front of the house and the pergola are surrounded by vines, often completely covering them.

English house layout

The English-style house with huge windows is always filled with light, and right in front of the entrance there is a spacious living room with a fireplace where the whole family gathers. As a rule, there is no hallway as such, and outerwear is retracted into the built-in wardrobes in the front part of the living room.
Dine or dine in the kitchen is not accepted, so it is small, but the most thoughtful and comfortable for cooking. There is nothing superfluous here, only household appliances and tables for cooking and food processing, a refrigerator and a small sofa or a chair for a minute rest.
Bedrooms and offices are located on the second floor or in the back of the house, to which long corridors lead. Household facilities and toilets, bathrooms are located along the corridors and completely invisible, do not interfere with the inhabitants.

Features of the English interior

When developing the interior design of the house in the English style, first of all, the comfort of its inhabitants is taken into account. In the rooms there are only those pieces of furniture that will be needed there.The color range of finishing materials for walls and upholstery of furniture is always reserved tones, the presence of screaming spots and any excesses is not allowed. Materials for decoration are used only good-quality and expensive - wood, high-quality textiles or natural stone. Ancient paintings or tapestries, carpets with floral patterns, and expensive porcelain will be suitable as decorative ornaments for the interior.

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