Equality in the family

Domestic responsibilities should not hang on one person. Heavy physical labor usually lies with the man, and the woman has a household. But we must not forget about mutual assistance. If a man needs help, for example, in repairing a room, a woman should not be indifferent to this and say that it is the responsibility of men. A woman is initially weaker than a man in the physical plane, but she must help with what he can at least, for example, give a hammer to hammer a nail.

In the same way a man should behave, helping his wife in the household, for example, in cleaning the apartment. It should not be so that one did, and the other lay on the couch, arguing that it was not his responsibility. Help should always be close at hand.

There should be mutual understanding and agreement in the family, so it cannot be said that the man in the house is in charge, because both the woman and the man in the house are responsible for something. It would be better to pre-allocate responsibilities

Children are our best helpers. If there are children in the family, they must have responsibilities, even the smallest ones: to help wipe the dust, take out the garbage, and wash the dishes.Let a child from childhood feel responsible for something, it will help him in his adult life when he will build his family.

Everyone has their own rights and responsibilities, but they need help. Mutual assistance is one of the secrets of strong family relationships.

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