Eyebrow tattoo


Beautiful eyebrows of the right shape are the dream of any girl. This goal can be achieved in several ways, one of which is a tattoo of the eyebrows. About him there are many opinions. From extremely negative to enthusiastic. But, let's deal with each of them in detail.

Positive and negative aspects of eyebrow tattooing

Eyebrow tattooing is an expensive procedure that is worth spending on, to adjust the shape of the eyebrows, to paint them in the correct color, and to keep your own new image for a while. Despite the fact that there are many negative reviews about this procedure, there are many more positive aspects. Every aspect needs to be known in advance to decide on this necessary procedure.

Eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow tattoo: pluses.

It is impossible to overestimate the positive characteristics of eyebrow tattooing. Therefore, we list the main ones:

The perfect shape of the eyebrows in any weather;
Exercise, swim in the pool or the sea, without fear of spoiling the appearance of the eyebrows;
With the help of eyebrow tattoo you will achieve their perfect shape, even if you have rare and naughty ones by nature;
Eyebrows decorated in this way do not require close daily attention and care;
The procedure does not harm the health of the woman;
Eyebrows look natural without creating the effect of pencil-drawn lines;
More than 99% of women who use this procedure regularly, are not going to refuse it in the future.

Eyebrow tattoo: cons.

To the very process of tattooing the word "minus" is hardly applicable. Rather, it concerns the beautician who does the procedure.

A non-professional self-taught person will conduct the procedure in such a way that your eyebrows will for a long time become an object that will not cause any enthusiasm to you or others. Rather, sympathy.

In addition, non-professional make-up artist can not make the eyebrows symmetrical, and give them the desired, elegant shape.

Another reason for problems with tattoo eyebrows - the use of low-quality materials. In this case, the torment will be meaningless. You do not get the desired effect, just take the time.

Among other things, the individual characteristics of the skin of each woman belong to the minuses of the eyebrow tattoo. In this case, the recovery period of the epidermis may be delayed, and the process itself will bring a lot of unpleasant sensations.

Eyebrow makeup time

All those who decide to tattoo eyebrows, ask one question - what is the duration of such a cosmetic procedure. At the same time, permanent and 3D tattooing is compared.

Action time for a tattoo of eyebrows - 5 years. After that, the brow line dims and returns to its original state. However, in this case, much depends on the quality of the materials used and the level of professionalism of the cosmetologist himself. The sensitivity and the rate of tissue regeneration, which is characteristic only for a woman, is taken into account. Some ladies are convinced that permanent make-up negatively affects the skin and the general condition of the eyebrows. However, this is a misconception.

One of the essential nuances that follow the eyebrow tattoo is a regular correction. This is a must and requires time and money. Therefore, before you make a tattoo, think about whether you can maintain this effect further, or whether you should use a pencil or ink for the correction and coloring of the eyebrows.

Eyebrow tattoo

You need to know!

Even if you found a competent cosmetologist, and he did a high-quality tattoo of the eyebrows, that's not all! It is worth knowing that with time the brows change color, and their shape will lose clear boundaries. This is what the correction applies to.

Already some time after the procedure will need a correction. This is necessary to achieve the correct line of brows, to achieve the desired shade.

The time of working on a tattoo for each master is different. It depends on the level of professionalism, the complexity of the initial task. A good specialist does not save time and paint. In addition, he applies not one, but several shades of the chosen color to achieve the desired effect.

This is especially true of the correction process. In this case, apply as much pigment as necessary to obtain a decent result. The most commonly used pigment is brown. Because these shades, like no other, are ideally suited to the most different color types of appearance, and are close to natural ones.

Eyebrow tattoo

Removal of eyebrow tattoo

A similar procedure is applied, as a rule, if the effect does not satisfy the client. Therefore, in order not to expose oneself to unnecessary difficulties, and not to spend additional funds, carefully weigh the pros and cons. There are several techniques for removing eyebrow tattoo:

Laser removal;
Elimination with the help of special peeling;
The simplest - with the help of a certain technique with the use of cream.

The simplest and most convenient technique for removing a failed or annoying eyebrow tattoo is through a special technique using a cream. With all the above advantages, this method is the least effective of all the above. To do this, use the cream, which includes a potent acid.

Use these tools with extreme caution. Acids can get into the eye, and severely damage the mucous membrane.

The most effective, although one of the most expensive tattoo removal is with a laser. This method cleans more than 90% of the pigmented surface. However, to completely remove the paint, you will need to visit the beautician several times. For one session to get rid of the unsuccessful tattoo will not succeed.

Listen to a specialist, and perform all appropriate procedures at home so as not to cause even more damage to your eyebrows. It is especially not recommended to be in the sun during this period. Solarium, sunbathing, and long walks without a hat and sunglasses are contraindicated.Therefore, laser tattoo removal is desirable to do in the autumn or winter season. By itself, this pigment removal technique does not do any harm if you follow what the cosmetologist advises.

Eyebrow tattoo: methods and characteristics

Eyebrow tattoo

Few of the uninformed girls know what types of tattoo eyebrows exist, and how they differ from each other. Therefore, intending to do a tattoo of eyebrows, familiarize yourself with the main methods and their characteristics:

Eyebrow shading or feathering.

This method is considered simple and convenient to achieve the correct shape and color of eyebrows. Cosmetologists apply it in cases where the hair of the eyebrows grows not correctly, rare, or the line of the eyebrow is intermittent. Eyebrow wings after chasing become smooth, solid and clearly traced. In this case, the effect of eyebrows is achieved, carefully and skilfully traced by a cosmetic pencil. This method can be used for each color type of appearance and hair color. However, you should be careful not to carry out this procedure during pregnancy and lactation. After doing the shading, discuss with your cosmetologist all the options and steps to properly care for your eyebrows.

Hair tattoo eyebrows.

This is a painstaking and complex technique.It implies that additional features are drawn between the eyebrow's own hairs. However, this technique looks the closest to the natural shape and appearance of the eyebrow. This option, like the first one, can be used by women at very different ages, with any color type of appearance, and hair color. However, blondes are recommended to use this technique for tattooing eyebrows.

How to make a tattoo of eyebrows: stages

After you are convinced of the need to make adjustments to the appearance, proceed to study the process of tattooing the eyebrows. Having carefully studied each step, you will understand that some items must be performed by yourself in order to facilitate the master to work on your eyebrows.

So, the preparation and process of applying a tattoo of eyebrows involves the following steps:

Carefully clean eyebrows and skin around them from all traces of makeup with a cream and special makeup remover. Now defat these places with lotion;
Apply anesthetic to eyebrows and around their contour. This tool will relieve the procedure. The analgesic effect occurs after 10 minutes after applying the tool;
Mark the desired contour of the eyebrows, which corresponds to the structure of the face. This is done with a pencil;
Now it is necessary to determine the density and thickness of the eyebrows, which will result in the result;
Only after this the beautician takes a special instrument with a small, hollow needle in the center and applies the drawing.

Immediately after applying the tattoo, you will find that the eyebrows are too bright and eye-catching.

This is normal for several days, because in addition to the bright pigment, the color is given by small droplets of blood protruding from the wounds during the procedure. If you follow the recommendations of the beautician exactly, the damage will go away in a few days. Intensive care is needed in the first three days after the procedure. Eyebrows and the surface of the skin around are treated with special creams or gels.

Eyebrow tattoo without needle

This type of eyebrow tattoo is known as "biotatuazh." It implies a technique that excludes the use of a needle. This method came to us from India. In this country, the practice of decorating their own body with the help of henna has long been firmly established among girls. She put amazing patterns on different parts of the body.In most cases, it is limbs and face.

Biotatuazh has several advantages over traditional types of this art. This is a henna body painting with special tassels. The only drawback of this method is the fragility of the image. Most of the women surveyed who have experienced this technique, consider the method one of the most simple, convenient and enjoyable. Negative moments are associated only with the lack of professionalism of individual masters who undertake the performance of biotatuage. There are other materials that use as a pigment in this kind of procedure. However, henna is considered the most acceptable and safe paint in this case.

Eyebrow tattoo

Who is tattooed eyebrows?

Any cosmetic procedure, tool or intervention in the human body has a number of contraindications. No exception and tattooing eyebrows. It is necessary to list the negative aspects that will put a taboo on the application of this method of processing eyebrows.

Cosmetologists try not to meet the needs of hypertensive patients;
As mentioned above, during the course of pregnancy and breastfeeding it is not recommended to do any of the types of tattoo.In the last two trimesters of pregnancy and while feeding the baby you can do biotatuazh. However, first consult your doctor;
If you know that your skin is prone to allergic reactions, the procedure of tattoo and correction is strictly contraindicated;
If a patient has skin diseases in the form of dermatitis, eczema or seborrhea, it is highly recommended not to do a tattoo of the eyebrows by the hair method;
In the period of exacerbation of the herpes disease, you should wait until full recovery, only then proceed to the procedure;
During the menstrual cycle you should not do the procedure. After it must be at least three days;
If you have a disease or susceptibility to diseases of the mucous membrane of the eye, refrain from tattooing eyebrows.

Tattoo of eyebrows: painful or not?

Eyebrow tattoo

First, remember that tattooing eyebrows is done with a needle, which in the process of piercing the skin many times. Even a finger with a needle is not the most pleasant moment in life, what to say about a lot of injections? However, the proverb about the fact that beauty requires sacrifice applies to this situation like no other.At the same time, cosmetologists use anesthetic liquid, which reduces the sensitivity in these places. In addition, each person has his own pain threshold. And many point out that it does not hurt. With that, others claim that it hurt. In any case, you will not experience a painful shock, although you will feel some discomfort.

How to care for eyebrows after tattooing?

During the procedure of tattooing, the skin is pierced with a needle, in the cavity of which a coloring pigment is contained. After any negative impact, the body cover reacts accordingly - a characteristic redness and swelling appear. During the day after the procedure, a characteristic crust appears on the surface. To clean and tear it can not in any case. Thereby, you injure the damaged area, but you can also remove part of the coloring pigment under the skin. It is mandatory that the wizard after the procedure gives the client a complete list of those tools that need to be acquired for proper care of the eyebrows. In addition, you need to know when and how to use these drugs, so that a positive effect comes, as soon as possible.

In case of complications, contact the master immediately. If the recovery proceeds at a normal pace, then the entire period will take no more than 10 days.

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