Eyes-pompons of yarn

Makingpompom eyes out of yarn, is a pretty halloween decoration. Eyes can be made small or large and used to decorate a room, for example, with a large eye. And also such eyes can become part of the toy.

Materials and tools:

  1. white, black and colored yarn;
  2. cardboard;
  3. scissors;
  4. a hairpin or clip.

Step 1

Cut out 4 blanks from the cardboard in the shape of U - to make one eye.

Step 2

Fold together 2 cardboard blanks.  

In the center we wind some black yarn. On top of the black we wind the colored yarn and, in the end, we wind the white yarn.

Take the other 2 blanks, fold and wind only white yarn on them.

Step 3

We take the blanks with the wound yarn and bend the ends of the cardboard.We fold the blanks together and fasten the ends with each other with hairpins.

Scissors cut the yarn between the cartons. We skip the thread between the cartons, carefully tighten and tie a knot.

Remove hairpins and cardboard blanks.

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