Facial Features - Character and Psychology

Facial features and psychology. Character of the person on face features photo

Facial features and psychology

Determine the character of a person according to his features



It is believed that the face of a person reflects the three worlds. Forehead belong to the divine world. The physical world is represented by the nose and eyes, while the material world is represented by the mouth, jaws and chin. You can determine the nature of a person according to his facial features, because the psychology of a person is inside, and his features and behavior are outside. Our faces are usually asymmetrical. The right side of men points to happy events, the other to failures. Women have the opposite. Now we'll figure out what the individual features of the human face are responsible for -lips,eyebrows,eyes,forehead,earsandchin.


Social feature - forehead



Forehead.In psychology, it is commonly believed that the lower part of the forehead represents the human "I", And the top -society. If it is harmonious, then the person successfully finds his place among the people.

lobThe high upper part indicates the ability to lead. But this is only an opportunity, and in order to judge how it will be in reality, you need to look at the nose and chin, because without persistence and the will of the leader it will not work.If the forehead is divided into upper and lower parts, then we can talk about elitism, opposing oneself and one’s chosen society to other people.

StraightThe quadrilateral forehead indicates generosity.


Forehead steep, bulging in the middle, expresses a high, serious mind.However, too prominent foreheadrather inherent in the nature of the near, practical practical.


Sloping with strong superciliary arches gives reason to assume that the supreme authority for such a person is himself. A man with a sloping forehead is a little anarchist, hardly obeys another's will. This conclusion confirms and deepening between the forehead and nose. If it is not, then we can talk about internal discipline. Strong eyebrows indicate a certain laxity. Round forehead indicates a complaisance, such people with everyone find a common language.


The shape of the foreheadYou can judge the elements of man. Recall that creativity is connected with fire, practicality with the earth, perception and communication ability with air, and internal plasticity, the world of human senses with water. Representatives of the air element usually have a round forehead, the fiery signs are distinguished by a high temple with a cape in the middle.A square or widening forehead is characteristic of earth signs, and in aquatic forehead it is narrowed, and its border with hair roots is uneven. Thus, the element can be recognized not only by the shape of the forehead, but also by its border with the hair. People of fire signs, especially with a strong Jupiter and the Sun in a horoscope, are prone to baldness; their hair is usually hard, wavy, with a red tinge. Earth signs have hard and straight hair. If they are curly and soft, then it is water, soft and silky hair is possessed by representatives of the air element.

  1. The forehead is low with a zigzag border of hair - the nature is energetic, cruel.
  2. Broad and convex in the corners of the forehead - a rich imagination, intelligence.
  3. The shape resembles a crescent - not far, conservative nature.
  4. Narrow, low, leaning back - nature petty and cunning, deceitful, selfish.
  5. Too convex forehead - a mundane, close-minded nature.
  6. A straight forehead characterizes a kind, generous man.
  7. The middle of the forehead, nose, and chin represent the main features of their world. In this case, the nose, eyes and ears are in the service of the mind.


Guardian of the facial features - eyebrows



Eyebrows- This is a gateway between the country of the brain and the country of the senses. Straight horizontal evidence of courage and wisdom. However, such features require still-known independence and criticality in judgments, which is expressed in a clear form of the edge of the eyebrows from the side of the temples.


Energetic facial feature - nose


Nose.It judges the energy of a person and about where he directs it. It's not about the size. The nose can be large, and the person - bezynitsiativnym. Conversely, a small nose with a strong and wide base speaks of internal strength, perseverance.


NoseIK LaFather, a Swiss writer, preferred noses with a wide base, especially paying attention to their shape. In the hump at the base he saw a sign of imperious solid character, while the hollow in this place indicates weakness, timidity. A small hump is a sign of aggressiveness, a bit of ill will, unless, of course, other parts of the face contradict this. Such noses as "Roman", "eagle", are inherent in whole nations, and, for example, the history of Ancient Rome gives cause for reflection on this topic.


However, a small crook in combination with other signs may indicate the poetry of nature.The left wing of the nose is dedicated to Venus, the right - to Mars, i.e., alongside get alonglove and hate. Occultists say that love and anger equally inflate the nostrils.


  1. Big, straight nose - pride, calm, energy, creativity.
  2. Eagle - ambition, imperiousness.
  3. Hawk, pointed at the end - endurance.
  4. The continuation of the forehead is vanity.
  5. Long - selfishness, dishonesty.
  6. Leaned to the mouth - sensuality, temper.
  7. Deeper at the base, thin and upturned at the end, like an old woman Shapoklyak, obstinacy, envy, curiosity, hypocrisy.
  8. Snub-no - carelessness, levity, willfulness.
  9. A thick and fleshy nose indicates a lover of a feast, and if he is too addicted to alcohol, this quality also indicates a purple color.


Beautiful face - eyes



Eyes. The mostbeautiful feature of a human face.In men, the right eye is connected with the sun, the left eye with the moon. For women - the opposite. Their comparison helps to draw conclusions about female and male qualities in a person, active and passive.

iThe eyes reflect the spiritual side of a person, no wonder they say that this is a mirror of the soul. To look into it, you need to compare the positive eye (for men, right, for women - left) with negative.If the positive is more developed, then the person is capable of altruism, self-giving. Physiognomists prefer lively and transparent eyes, believing that the black and the brilliant characterize the treacherous and greedy. This is because Saturn sometimes distorts the influence of the Moon, and then the eye is called bad.

The ideal shape of the eyeconsidered antique - oval, reflecting the harmony of the spirit. Deep-set eyes usually belong to deep natures that are not quick in the manifestation of their inner essence. Let us recall Grigory Rasputin, the favorite of the royal family: deep-set eyes, lower eyelid more than the upper eyelid (that is, gave more than you took), strong nose.


Eyes close to each other mean that their owner has blurred the line between good and evil, unlike a man with wide-set eyes, for whom such a problem does not exist. But this does not mean that the latter very often serve good, but only that they know well what they serve.


The eyes are large, round, somewhat convex (they are said to be "bulging"), the eyelashes are short, the eyebrow is high above the eye, the hairs are pricked.Irritable, quick-tempered man, but in moments of good mood is cheerful and sentimental.


Eyelids are often narrowed, which gives the impression of myopia. Pupil with a sharp look, eyelashes short, thick. The eyebrow is raised to the temple. Nature is observant, intelligent, cunning, with long restraint and unlimited egoism.


The eyes are narrow, the upper eyelid is half-let, the eyebrow is a regular arc, the eyelashes are rare. It characterizes a person impassive, but insightful, incorruptible and fair to cruelty.


Sleepy eyes are like in swollen eyelids, thick and long eyebrows - the nature is soft, rather passive and lazy.


The eye is wide open, the eyebrow with a fracture in the middle, the eyelashes are curved upward - the nature is energetic, independent, domineering and truthful to the sharpness.


Small, covered with heavy eyelids - nature is petty, sly and practical, kindness is more calculating than sincere.

Strong cheekbone



Cheekbonesshow how the spirit reflected in the eyes expresses itself in life. They are controlled by Mercury, and judged by him about the contact person, the ability to absorb and transmit information.Therefore, some Eastern nations with pronounced cheekbones, perfectly combined. Such qualities as cunning, liveliness and adaptability are also associated with cheekbones. Therefore, ancient treatises recommend avoiding people whose corners of the eyes are lowered, and the cheekbones are strongly pronounced with an undeveloped frontal part. Bulging cheekbones are a sign of egoism and, often, anger. Remember these useful tips, you will determine the character of a person, knowing what their facial features indicate.


Ears and cheeks



Cheeks.Thin and sunken - a sign of mental poverty. However, in the fleshy, too little good, they give out excessive sensuality. 


Ears.The shape of the ear resembles a human embryo, and physiognomists seein this line of face is a deep meaning. Thus, in ancient times, drooping lobe was considered as an indicator of the freedom of the human spirit. The stronger it is adjacent to the body, the more it is constrained and dependent. It is believed that those with no lobes are envious and vindictive. The statue of Buddha, for example, has huge lobes; and in some African tribes they are even deliberately delayed, seeing in this the magical rite of giving a person steadfastness and independence.


eaarThe upper part of the ear shows the ability to adapt and perceive. If it strongly adheres to the head, then such a person is usually stupid, it is not easy for him to learn a new one, but if he learns something, then for a long time. The lagging tops of the ears are a sign of quick reaction, good perception. No wonder Mercury, the god of trade, was usually depicted as a lop-eater. Moreover, the border between deception and commerce is ... in the earlobe. If it hangs, then the person has enough spirituality, if not, then in financial matters it is better to stay away from him.


A large auricle indicates a "magnetic force" or, as they say, extrasensory abilities. In combination with great power, as, for example, in the same Rasputin, this can be an indicator of a strong impact on others. But this does not mean that by making yourself such a face, you will acquire these abilities. But this featurehelp to understand psychologyman and look with one little eye in hisinner world, highlight his character.


But the "good" lobe on the right (in men) ear, which indicates spirituality, mental abilities, on the left can turn into selfishness and vanity.Cruel people such as Hitler and Stalin, for example, had well-defined pendulous lobes, but their left ear was comparatively larger than the right ear. Physiognomists see this as a predominance of negative qualities.


  1. Large ears with well-defined shells indicate the talent of their possessor, including good musical abilities.
  2. Pointed upward - moderation, reason.
  3. Small are typical for sensual people, fleshy - for sullen and cruel.
  4. Bulged, large - cunning, stupidity.
  5. Squeezed - caution, composure, hypocrisy.

Mouth and lips - sensual features



Mouthassociated with eloquence and love and is dedicated to Mercury. If the upper lip protrudes forward, then this is a sign of good nature. Thin lips and small mouth testify to the love of order and accuracy. And if the lips are compressed - and about selfishness.

Physiognomists believe that a man's upper lip should be slightly larger than the lower one, thus reflecting his masculinity. If the lips are proportional, equally convex and regular in shape, then they express an honest, firm character, prone to reflection. Thick lips, especially the lower one, speak of gluttony, sensuality, laziness.

“Look at the forehead of a person - you will know what he will become; consider your mouth - you will understand what he has become, ”says a Chinese proverb.


Correctly rounded, plump lips - kindness, cordiality, openness, gaiety.

Subtle - cunning, selfishness, sarcasm, cruelty.

Thick - sensuality, a tendency to base instincts.

"Children" - gullibility, frankness.


Nose - mouth(Mars - Mercury). This pair is judged on the distribution of human energy, his taste, ability to love. The nose with a hump in the middle speaks of a vigorous, assertive nature, and if we add strong, well-defined nostrils to this, we will get evidence of courage and composure. The willed mouth, harmonious to this character, is stretched in the form of a straight line, and the lips are the same size.


A strong, curved nose, prominent cheekbones and wide jaws express ambition, pride, selfishness.


The upper lip indicates sensuality, the presence of taste, as well as higher abilities; lower - the tendency to pleasures, pleasures. Pay attention to the faces of Roman patricians from the time of the decline of the empire: an impressive nose and a drooping lower lip. In other words, an extraordinary energy that goes to low-lying goals.So much for the confirmationmatching person's characterbyfacial features.


Tireless Italian Casanova, two hundred years ago, famous for his love adventures, also had a "Roman" nose with sharp nostrils, the lower lip is larger than the upper one. Fixed corners of the mouth indicate a desire to insist on their own at any cost. In nuns, on the contrary, often there is a small pursed mouth.

Chin - a feature of the inner core



Chin- a symbol of endurance, endurance. He is patronized by Saturn, presenting, as it were, the inner foundation of man, his ability to assert himself, solidity. Such qualities as resistance, survival in extreme situations, are determined by the chin.


pdbrdkA long and wide chin means composure, prudence, and a convex and round - practicality. Pointed - it is peculiar to natures sly, hidden. Both, according to Lavater, are a consequence of weakness, because distrust of others is due to lack of self-confidence. If such a chin protrudes, then the person will slowly and stubbornly go towards the goal.


The fossa on the chin and its bifurcation - an indicator of stubbornness, self-conceit, stealth.A soft fleshy or even a two-story chin gives people sensual, but, on the contrary, bony and dry to the face of people, the desiccated passions of ambition or greed. In those who are too prone to some kind of “fiery passion,” sometimes reaching fanaticism, the central part of the chin is marked with a tubercle. If it is a bit biased towards the negative side, then it may indicate an alcoholic, drug addict or person subject to some kind of mania.

A chin is considered harmonious if in profile it is at the level of the lower lip. A good person has a round, moderately convex chin and gives practicality, which is under the control of the mind.


  1. Outstanding chin forward - energy, willpower, independence, generosity, but also stubbornness, cruelty.
  2. Cut chin - soft, indecisive nature.
  3. Meaty - mind, sensuality, egoism.
  4. Long and sharp - penetrating mind, sarcasm.
  5. Bifurcated - impermanence, amorousness.


Nose - chin. This couple (Mars saturn) indicates the resilience of man. If a strong chin is not developed with a strong nose, then a person may be energetic, but the energy will not be enough for long.If, on a massive, strong-willed chin, an inexpressive nose, this can only result in stubbornness. The chopped chin indicates a lack of aging, and even good energy is enough only for short impulses. In combination with a strong nose, this can turn into a flood of words and a lack of deeds. Let us recall the profile of the ancient Roman emperor Vespasian: a crooked nose and an unfolded, powerful chin. This man knew what he wanted and knew how to achieve his goal.

  1. The wide jaws express greed, which is driven by instincts. In combination with a flattened skull and a strong nose, they do not bode well.
  2. We can be reproached that in our gallery of portraits, monsters or villains predominate. Where are the normal nice people?
  3. Where everything is harmonious, all in moderation. We deliberately sharpen the characteristics, bring them to the extreme for the sake of clarity.
After examining the facial features and realizing how it is connected with the character and psychology of a person, you will be able to understand people with a greater degree of confidence.

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