Fashion bangs: types, how to choose how to care

The girls are interested in whether it is fashionable to wear a bang. As practice shows, this element of hairstyle is used by women of fashion to create images. Let's look at fashionable types of bangs, the subtleties of choosing bangs according to the shape and type of person, the secrets of bang care at home.

To update the image of the girls change their hairstyle. But to achieve the result, it is not necessary to take cardinal steps. It is enough to change the bangs. This tiny piece of hair is a huge platform for experiments, and the result of such actions is a new and unique style.

The choice and creation of a fashionable haircut depends on the desired image. A number of changes can be made to the hairstyle in accordance with the event you are going to attend, be it a corporate party, a business meeting or a romantic date.

What bangs at the height of fashion?

  • Straight bangs. Actual and non-aging option for smooth hair. It is combined with stylish tufts, geometric styling, twists and curls. Hairdressers advise it to be milled.Smooth straight bangs fit any lady, regardless of the type of hair, as the hair iron helps to bring the hair to the desired state.
  • Short straight bangs. It is considered the most fashionable. It is recommended to cut the horizontal line and advise girls with brown or dark hair to wear it. It masks the high forehead and makes the face feminine. Graphic effect will provide a contrast between skin tone and hair color.
  • Side bangs. Make a trendy option to help color solutions. Option choose bright with a non-standard shade, contrasting with a shade of hair.
  • Asymmetrical bangs. Suitable for girls with a round face and short hair. For installation you will need a hairdryer and styling agent. To cope with the task yourself is problematic, I advise at first to use the services of a stylist-hairdresser.

These options are the most popular and are the basis for creating bangs of a complex nature. According to a friend working in a beauty salon, torn and bangs with a neat pile up are gaining popularity. The first option provides for filing using hot scissors, and the second is based on the use of strong hold lacquer.

How to choose a bang in shape and type of face

Not every woman is ready to go on an experiment, because she is unsure that a new hairstyle will do. Bold beauties who decide to cut hair, seek help from a stylist who does not always share information on the choice of bangs on the type of person.

The variety of haircuts is amazing. It is not surprising that ladies are lost during the selection. Solving the problem, be guided by the type of face and hair. In practice, the first option is often used.

  1. Long straight bangs. Classic. Suitable for ladies with thick hair. Stylists are advised to cut the bangs on the level of the eyebrows or slightly fall below this line, which helps to mask the high forehead. To create a visual density, the curls are taken from the top of the head. Through the straight long bangs make the image strict, mysterious and elegant.
  2. Short bangs with torn edges. Suitable for women with poorly expressed facial features. With the help of this element hairstyle make a playful and fresh look. The highlight of the option - helps the owner look younger and makes everyday life naughty.
  3. Slanting variant of a long bang. Hides the angularity of the face. Asymmetrical curls are recommended for women with thin hair.The milled strands that fall on the face create a visual volume and give the hair visible thickness.
  4. Graduated bangs. The best option for beauties with a square face. Smoothes and lengthens natural imperfections, makes the image soft and harmonious. I recommend ladies with a round face to pay attention to carelessly laid graduated bangs. Torn tips of different lengths highlight the advantages, disguising flaws.
  5. Short lengths torn. Suitable for round, triangular and oval faces. Long graduation combined with a face of any shape. A graduated option is an excellent solution for a business woman who dreams of a solid image.
  6. Oblique torn bangs. Recommended for young, modern and interesting girls. Will add a fashionable hairstyle on the hair of any thickness and length. It is recommended to abandon the experiments only in the case of curly curls. Graduation direct type fit lady with an oval face. It will slightly round the face and make the look expressive.

Bangs are different and in combination with haircuts provide a stunning effect. If it does not go out on its own to choose an execution option, the master will decide the question.

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When choosing an image, consider the style of clothing.Young beauties are allowed radical experiments, but middle-aged women should deliberately and gradually make changes to the image.

How to properly care for a bang

Sometimes a woman wants to make some changes in appearance. Some ladies change their hairstyle, while others achieve results by changing bangs. How to bring something new to the image using the front element of a hairstyle, we said above.

Women with stiff hair bangs obedient, if not too short. Owners of curly hair in this regard more difficult and it is recommended to avoid thick bangs.

  • Lay the bangs according to the rules. In the case of straight hair, dry from above, at the same time counting. For volume, direct hot air to the roots. For styling wavy bangs, use a smoothing gel and a round brush. Without these tools and tools to stretch the hair in the drying process will not work. Slightly correct the situation will help curling.
  • I recommend wetting the stiff, curly and thick bangs with serum, otherwise it will not lie loose. The enemy of a bang - moisture, therefore in every possible way protect it from dampness.To prevent hair from getting fluffy in wet weather, use a straightener.
  • Do not overdo with stowage. In some products there are moisturizing ingredients, due to which the bangs curl and fuzz. Serums have shown themselves well, which retain moisture in the hair, so that they become silky and smooth.
  • You can adjust the length in the beauty salon or on your own. Before carrying out the procedure, unnecessary strands are separated and secured to the side with barrettes. I advise you to cut your bangs on dry hair, otherwise after drying it will rise and become shorter.
  • Treat your curls with caution as curly hair is lifted and curled into curls. Shorten bangs carefully, leaving a few extra inches as a margin. Keep the tool at a 45-degree angle, pointing the ends up.

Conducting styling bangs every morning, you will look great and will please any man. As for rivals in the fight for men's hearts, they will envy.

How to accelerate the growth of bangs?

Often bangs for certain reasons, does not suit the hostess, and she seeks to grow her. It’s impossible to get results in one week, but with the right approach you can bring the moment closer.Hair for a month grows by a centimeter. At this rate, you have to move to the goal for a long time. But complex methods help to increase the growth rate of bangs fivefold.

Do gentle styling. Minimize exposure to high temperature on hair. For a while, refuse to use a hair dryer and ironing, less often use hairpins and elastic bands.

Adjust power. The condition of the hair is determined by the diet. Include greens and vegetables, oily fish. These products are rich in vitamin “E” and various acids that have a positive effect on the condition of the hair.

Buy vitamin complexes for strengthening and growth of hair. Consult with your doctor about taking biological supplements with a similar effect.

Growth stimulants for sale. Use such tools carefully, after consulting with the doctor. Regardless of whether the medicinal or salon growth stimulant plan to use, make sure that the drug does not cause allergies.

Take care of the scalp. The growth rate of hair is determined by the work of hair follicles. Every day, massage your head with your hands or a soft brush.The revitalization of the bulbs will increase blood circulation in the area of ​​bangs.

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In the article, I looked at fashionable types of bangs, told how to choose the version of the execution of this part of the hair, paid attention to the care and accelerate growth. I hope that the information will be of use to you.

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