Fashionable autumn of 2014 (13 photos)

Do you want to look stunning and be "in a trend"? Then you need to know in advance about all the fashion trends and changes. And what will be fashionable in the fall of 2014? What to wear to look stylish?

Autumn should be gorgeous

Actual styles

Extravagant Autumn

Start with the styles. At the peak of relevance is femininity, but designers offer the opposite options for those who are not used to dresses and other "female" things. Here are the directions in which you can move:

  • Baroque style is very, very relevant. And this means that you need to combine chic and romanticism: expensive chic fabrics (satin, brocade, velvet, silk), feminine silhouettes, decor elements (gold embroidery, lace) and bright patterns.
  • In fashion, also retro style, so boldly go into the pantry and search your old grandmother's trunk.
  • Never go out of style classic, which can not please fans of rigor and conciseness.
  • The safari style with its animal prints is also relevant.
  • Do you like camouflage? A military style can also be present in the wardrobe, but its originality this season is femininity and sexuality.
  • Ethnic style with its intricate patterns is still popular.

Colors, patterns, patterns

Now more about the colors. Here are the shades that will be relevant in autumn 2014:

Many people associate yellow color with the sun, heat. So, this season almost all shades are relevant. It can be a noble honey tone or bright and youthful yellow-green.

Combine different fabrics

Prefer originality? Then choose metallic shades: silver, pale gold without excess gloss, platinum, copper, bronze and others. But do not overdo it!

Also relevant is warm and bright orange. It can be present in the form of interspersons or it can be the main tone.

Actual style

Red color also remains popular and in demand. Bright shades - the embodiment of sexuality and passion. What could be better?

Stylish option

Fashionable last season, blue is also relevant, but it has become more profound, rich and noble. The color of the evening sky will add an image of mystery.

A chic emerald color can also and should even be present in your wardrobe. This is a shade of chic and noble elegance.

Add Emeralds

Pink is also in the trend, but choose pale shades, and not flashy, similar to "pig".

Muffled pink

Want to add an image of brightness? You can choose the color of fuchsia or purple, it is beautiful and bright.

The current win-win combination of white and black.

Classic combinations

As for prints and patterns, there is plenty to choose from:

  • Animalistic motifs. This may be the favorite of many leopard, which remains relevant for several seasons in a row. Do you want something more original? Choose a crocodile skin pattern.
  • At the peak of popularity, the Scottish cage, which can advantageously emphasize the severity of the image, but add to it a twist.
  • Camouflage is also relevant. Moreover, it can be present on dresses, blouses and other feminine things.
  • Stay with us and "crow's feet."
  • Prefer originality? Choose complex geometric patterns.
  • Relevant romantic floral prints.

Fabrics, materials

As for materials, you can easily choose from the variety of existing textures, as well as create the most unusual and crazy combinations, this is welcome. Actual mohair, angora, silk, velvet, velveteen, knitwear.

You can't do without a cell

As for outerwear, it can be sewn, for example, from tweed or leather.Fur is commonly used, but it is not so much a fundamental part of the image, but rather a kind of supplement, so that fur rims, short and long vests and accessories are the thing.

Details, decor elements

Lovers of everything brilliant and bright will be satisfied this season, as designers are increasingly using rhinestones, glitter, colorful, shining stones of different sizes for decoration. Relevant and shimmering embroidery with shiny threads, beads or beads. Also a great element of the decor will be fur.

Bright details

As for the details, the designers chose to give up clasps, rivets, zippers and locks. But the bows are welcome, as well as all sorts of strings.

What to wear?

Pay attention to the skin

What to wear this fall?

  • Outerwear. Topical coat. It can be a strict model of "a-la coat" in a militaristic style. Also models of a direct cut with a stand-up collar are welcomed. Lovers of freedom can choose a variety of ponchos and bat models. Those who prefer leather can wear leather jackets. Relevant and fur vests. What to wear them with? Can such a vest be worn over a sweater or jacket,and some wear it under a jacket, it will be fashionable in the coming autumn. And if you prefer warmth and comfort, then get a comfortable quilted jacket. It can be fitted, it will give the image of femininity and elegance. By the way, the most current sleeve length is.
  • In the early fall, you can wear a jacket. Think it's too easy? Get a model with a fur trim.
  • Pants. Relevant stylish shortened pants, always narrowed down. They are feminine and elegant, and also help to hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity. But if such a model is unacceptable or inconvenient for you, then you can buy straight wide trousers, they are also offered by leading designers. Pants are best combined with blouses and strict shirts, although in some cases a jumper may be appropriate.
  • Skirts. Where without them? Be sure to buy a high-waisted pencil skirt, which emphasizes femininity so favorably. Want something light and flying? Especially for you, the designers came up with short skirts with a wide hem of the “sun” model. Often they are sewn from fairly dense fabrics, which is important in autumn.
  • Dresses There is plenty to choose from.You can buy a sheath dress, and complement it with the original Basque neckline and a “droplet” neckline. Relevant straight cut, welcome a small length, certainly above the knees. A loose knitted dress will make you feel comfortable. And in case of a date, you can choose a romantic model with a flared bottom.
  • Sweaters, jumpers. At the peak of the popularity of models of large sizes and certainly with one open shoulder. The most optimal fabrics: knitwear, mohair, angora.
  • Shorts. Yes, it is possible to buy warm shorts for autumn. Do not forget to wear tight tights under them!

What shod?

Shoes must be feminine. That is why designers increasingly prefer narrowed, but not too long socks. Are you afraid to damage it? Do not be afraid, buy a model with a metallic finish in the front or on the entire sole, this is true.

Convenience and comfort

As for the heel, in the fashion square and stable. And you can choose a comfortable wedge.

You can buy anything you want: boots, boots, boots or half boots and shoes for warm weather.


Bags are always complemented and will complement the image. In the fall of 2014, small clutches with a shoulder strap for the palm, as well as spacious bags-bags (for those who are used to always carry everything with them) will be fashionable.Choose bright colors, such a thing should now not be combined with clothes or shoes.

Image create details

Do not forget to include other accessories in the kit: bright belts of any width, large earrings, necklaces, elegant gloves to the elbow and bright headdresses (especially knitted).

Find your unique style and always stay attractive!

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