Fashionable swimwear in retro style like style icons

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

For inspiration, all creative personalities, and especially fashion designers, turn to the past. And both in the search for the same imperishable classics, in which we are advised to invest, and for examples of images that can be refined, modernized and get a “candy.” We suggest borrowing this logic for the key question of the summer: which new swimsuit to buy for the next holiday? Let's be inspired by photos of actresses and style icons of the last century and copy their style of enjoying life on the beach, as if the sexual revolution has not happened yet.

Romy Schneider in the movie "Pool", 1969

Black bikini with improvised lacing - a kind of bathing version of the very little black dress. I can not believe that this photo is already 50 years old - it seems as if it is just a black and white Instagram filter.

Fashionable swimwear in retro style like style icons

Ribbed bikini top in Calzedonia (2,499 rub.)bikini panties Calzedonia (1,299 rub.)

Claudia Cardinale, 1962

In the 80s, this model of swimsuit, like Cardinale, will be added with a high slit of shorts, so that the legs look literally endless. And it was in this "decently-indecent" form, these combined swimsuits and returned to fashion now.

Fashionable swimwear in retro style like style icons

Swimsuit H & M (1 999 rub.)

Jane Mansfield 1956

After the perky photograph of Jane Mansfield that we saw, we even somehow did not dare to clarify whether the polka dots had gone out of fashion. After all, if you know how to warmly wear swimsuits, then the print is not important!

Fashionable swimwear in retro style like style icons

Marysia Swim Swimsuit ($ 185 at a discount)

Twiggy 1967

Twiggy was not afraid of stereotypes and was clearly not steamed on the topic of whether a fashionable swimsuit adds a few centimeters to her chest or not. At the same time, appreciate the fabric, textured and with a fun strip, and style, open and perfectly suitable for sunburn.

Fashionable swimwear in retro style like style icons

Top bikini Pull and Bear (799 rub. On a discount)bikini panties Pull and Bear (599 rub. on discount)

Raquel Welch in the film "The Girl in Cement", 1968

Another example of a "plush" swimsuit, but only in front of you is the actress, model and "Bond girl" Raquel Welch on the set. We are wondering about the color and we are sure that it is some very sexy shade - cherry or chocolate, for example.

Fashionable swimwear in retro style like style icons

Bershka bikini top (1 599 rub.)Bershka Bikini Briefs (1 199 rub.)

Princess Diana, 1993

Diana was still aware that active sports are incompatible with strange swimsuit models and relied on the “armor-piercing” classics - a black one-piece swimsuit without foam inserts (they will appear a decade later)!

Fashionable swimwear in retro style like style icons

Stradivarius swimsuit (999 rub.)

Madeleine Castle, 1954

Girls with lush breasts and slender waists can safely forget about all styles of swimsuits, except for the strapless one, like the model Madeleine Castle. Oh yeah, and wear it near the beach also as a body with shorts, and it will be the sexiest vacation in your life.

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