Faux Fur Coat

Coat of artificial fur is now in the trend, and it is with pleasure carried by many celebrities. You, too, can afford such a thing and look stylish in it if you make the right choice and learn some rules.

How to make the right choice?

First of all, you need to choose a trendy coat of faux fur. When buying, be guided by the following criteria:

  1. Style. On sale a huge number of different models. Slender girls can proudly wear tight-fitting coats of a fitted silhouette. In the trend are the voluminous “oversize” models, which sit equally well on ladies with appetizing forms, and on women with a boyish figure. Full girls are trapezoidal models of the A-silhouette, which mask the extra volume, leaving the outlines of the body feminine. Relevant and straight coat.
  2. The coat can have a collar-stand, turn-down lapels or a hood. When choosing, be guided by personal preferences.
  3. Length can be almost any and depends on the characteristics of wearing and growth. Cropped coat "avtoledi" ideal for driving in a car. Long coats sit well on tall girls, but low ones should be given preference to models up to the knees or slightly above them.
  4. Pay attention to the sleeves. They are long or shortened to three quarters, complemented by knitted or knitted cuffs, straight, flared, having the form of "flashlight."
  5. Pile. It can be straight or curly and imitating astrakhan fur, have different lengths and thicknesses. Although a long nap is a symbol of luxury, it makes the coat more overall and increases the volume of the body, therefore, it is better for a luxurious lady to refuse it. Short pile looks restrained, but very stylish.
  6. Do not forget to evaluate the quality of the pile and the basics. If the villi are easily pulled out and all the more fall out, then refuse to buy. A warm winter coat should have insulation.
  7. Color and print. Modern girls and women have a wide range of various shades. If you are going to go to coat to work or study, you can choose an elegant black color, discreet gray, deep brown, delicate milky, noble beige or pure white.If the choice is not limited to the dress code and prejudice, then boldly allow yourself to more interesting and rich colors: blue, emerald, powdery pink, coral, red, burgundy. Of the prints, animalistic are especially popular: zebra, leopard, dalmatian color.
  8. Decor. The coat may have a sleek appearance or a bright design. Adds the contrast material used in the form of inserts. And it can be leather, knitted, lace elements. Large unusual buttons, locks can play the role of decor.

How to combine a coat of faux fur?

How and what to wear a coat of faux fur? It is almost universal thing that fits into different styles and can be used to create all sorts of fashionable images. It is combined with trousers, skirts, jeans, sweaters, blouses. But when making a kit, take into account the style of the coat so that it does not stand out from the general concept, but is an integral part of it and a bright accent.

Consider successful combinations:

  • A straight or volumetric faux fur coat, worn over youth jeans and a sweater, pullover or sweatshirt.Jeans can be almost any model: from narrow skinny to voluminous boyfriends (the classic of straight cut is also appropriate). This image will fit into a casual style.
  • A simple set can be made up of a straight or fitted coat, tapered trousers and a shirt or blouse. Pants if you want to replace the skirt: straight or sexy style "pencil".
  • Boho style tandem: long busty stylish fur coat, flowing chiffon dress and thick tights.
  • Put on a double-breasted wrap coat over a knitted volume dress or knitted noodle type. Carelessness will be interesting to combine with femininity.
  • The youth model can be worn with leggings (including imitating leather-fitting pants) and an elongated shirt, tunic, or long jumper.

Shoes, hats and accessories

Such a thing requires the selection of at least stylish accessories. In the photo from fashion magazines and from shows, hats are often found, and you can experiment with them. Suitable youth cap-bini. An elegant coat can be complemented skillfully worn over his head with a scarf.

An ultra-trendy artificial fur coat is combined with different footwear, but not with a sports coat. You can pick up boots: boots or more everyday, with wide tops.In the spring, wear ankle boots and boots, and with light coats, loafers, oxfords, and even pumps are quite compatible. Shoes can be heeled or flat.

Complement the image with accessories, for example, with a creative handbag-box, briefcase, shopper, clutch bag or even a backpack (remember that it is recommended to wear it casually, on one shoulder). Use the straps, if appropriate. In the cold season scarves, scarves and stoles, snoods, gloves are relevant, and all these accessories can also be stylish.

Be sure to get a stylish female coat of artificial fur and wear it with pleasure, observing simple rules.

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