Female alcoholism is a problem to be addressed

Women, though considered weaker sex, are much stronger than men. They are able to withstand any test of fate. A woman can cope with all the difficulties encountered in her life, but only if she has the support of loved ones. If she is left alone with her experiences, then this may lead to the fact that she may have a desire, even for a short while to forget, to relax, in order to run away from all these problems.

And she can achieve this effect by starting to drink a little. Even strong women can break under the weight of unsolvable problems. Regular "relaxation" with the help of alcoholic beverages can lead to the development of dependence on them.

Among all bad habits, it is alcoholism that causes the greatest harm to the health and life of a woman.

In addition, drunkenness primarily affects her family, since a woman is a mother and a wife.And when she is drunk, the children are left to themselves, they do not get the maternal tenderness and love that they would like. In addition, a drunk woman is changing dramatically in character. She becomes angry, irritable and often goes into hysterics. Who can grow such a woman? Therefore, it is necessary to stop female drunkenness.

Don't kill yourself

And it can be very difficult to do. Unlike men, who like to drink in the company of drinking companions, a woman tries to hide her habit from all the people around her, and mostly drinks alone. Very often, the household does not even notice its harmful addiction, and when they pay attention, alcoholism is already at such a stage that it will be very difficult to fight it yourself.

What is the difference between female alcoholism from male?

Its main difference lies in the fact that drunkenness causes irreparable harm to the health of women, and is more severe than in men. Most often it leads to the complete destruction of a woman’s personality and contributes to the development of mental diseases, i.e. The alcoholic is just going crazy. In men, it is less common.

The weaker floor gets used to drinking alcohol much faster and their physical dependence on it is faster developed.After 5 years, a woman becomes a chronic alcoholic, while men - only after 7-10 years.

It all starts small

And in order to start a physical habit of alcohol, a woman needs only 3 glasses of wine a day or a bottle of beer for only 3 months. And men need to drink it every day for 6-12 months.

Why do women drink so quickly?

This is due to their physiological features. In addition, it is much easier for women to get drunk:

  • they have less body weight, which means that with the same doses of drunk, intoxication occurs in women faster than in men;
  • a woman’s body contains less water, which leads to a higher concentration of alcohol in her blood;
  • due to the hormonal characteristics of the female body, ethanol, which is part of all alcoholic beverages, is very rapidly absorbed into the blood;
  • women have reduced levels of the enzyme that helps digest ethanol.

In most cases, female alcoholism is associated with the mental and emotional state of a woman, i.e. the habit of drinking alcohol appears first at the level of the senses, and then only physical dependence on them is developed.Therefore, it is very important to notice the problem of a woman in time to help her cope as early as possible, while drinking does not lead to irreversible consequences.

What are the symptoms of alcohol dependence?

  1. First of all, you need to pay attention to how often a woman drinks? If you notice that she relieves stress daily with small doses of alcohol, then you should be alert and be attentive to her, as this may indicate the beginning of an addiction, even if she drinks only a bottle of beer a day or a glass of her favorite alcoholic cocktail The more often a woman is “applied” to alcohol, even if in small doses, the more likely it is that she will develop feelings of satisfaction and happiness from every sip she drinks. Each time to achieve this effect, she needs to constantly, increase the dose of alcohol. And over time, this will lead to a complete loss of control over the amount of alcohol consumed.
  2. Another symptom is any attempt by a woman to hide her addiction. If you start to notice that she behaves suspiciously: she is constantly hiding from you, hiding something, becoming closed and less sociable, then you should watch her. Perhaps the reason for this behavior - alcohol.
  3. Also, if you see a woman drunk and she, being in such a state, does not see anything wrong with that there is no criticism of his drunken behavior, this also indicates alcohol dependence.
  4. The most noticeable symptom of drunkenness is an attempt by a woman to justify her condition in any way, and also if she begins to constantly invent new and new reasons to drink.
  5. In addition, there are indirect symptoms that may indicate that something is wrong with a woman. For example, if you started to notice that the household was running and the children were unclean, although up to this point the woman always dealt with the children and the house was clean and tidy, then maybe she had some problems with which she herself could not cope .
  6. Also, a wake-up call for you can be a dramatic change in the character of a woman for the worse.

If you have seen at least one of these symptoms, then it is worth the alert, perhaps the woman is already at some specific stage of alcohol dependence, and she urgently needs your help.

What are the stages of alcoholism?

  • The first stage is characterized by complete loss of control over the dose drunk. During this period, there are still no neurological complications, and there is minimal self-criticism in a drunken state, but a woman who drank a drink will never admit to herself that this is an addiction.
  • In the second stage there is a hangover or withdrawal syndrome. The body of a woman is used to alcohol and in order to get the same sensations while drinking, you need to drink a lot more alcohol than before. With an increase in dose, the intoxication of the body with ethanol decomposition products also increases. At this time, alcoholism on the face as it is: there is puffiness, swelling of the lips and face, eyes become lye, the woman noticeably grows thin, as the fatty tissue disappears.
  • The third stage is characterized by the appearance of binges. A woman is mentally and physically dependent on alcohol. He poisons her body and soul.

We take measures

Treatment of female alcoholism depends on the stage at which the dependence is. If you noticed in time that the woman started drinking, then perhaps the help of a good psychologist and your support will be enough.In all other cases, without medical treatment and advice of doctors simply can not do. In addition, the most important condition for successful struggle with alcoholism is the desire of the alcoholic to stop drinking forever.

Down on the bottom of life just

If a woman thinks that she has no problems with alcohol, then no persuasion or argument will help, and you will achieve nothing good by violent means.

The main thing for you is to open the eyes of a drinking woman to herself, so that she can see what her addiction has led to.

In order to know how to help you first need to find out the reasons why a woman began to drink regularly. Most often, women's drunkenness originates on a psychological level.

So, what can cause a woman to develop addiction?

  1. Social problems. In our difficult time it is very difficult to find a job that would fully meet our needs. It is especially difficult for women, since they always have higher requirements than men. That is why women appear dissatisfied with the place of work, low wages and constant shortage of money.In addition, the cause of drunkenness can be difficulties at work and scandals with the authorities. It happens that due to the lack of education and upbringing a woman cannot find her place in society. Also, the desire of a woman to have a higher social status and the inability to change this can be the cause of alcohol addiction. Despair is the most important culprit for alcohol problems in women.
  2. Severe shock and strong emotional shock caused by the death of a loved one. A woman is able to withstand anything, but the loss of a loved one, especially if it is the death of a child, can simply break it. Not everyone can survive such grief. In order to at least briefly drown out this pain and forget, a woman finds comfort in alcohol. And over time, this is the only way out to live.
  3. Also, the reason for alcohol dependence may be dismissal from work and an uncertain future associated with the loss of livelihoods.
  4. It happens that a woman occupies too high a position and is constantly exposed to various stresses. And then, to relax, she starts daily and regularly drinks.
  5. Another reason for female drinking may be a divorce, especially if the spouses have been married for several decades.
  6. Also, a woman can start drinking if she knows that her husband is cheating on her, and she cannot do anything. To drown out this insult and the feeling of constant humiliation, a woman begins to “attach” to alcohol.
  7. If a woman is weak-tempered and easily susceptible to someone else's influence, when she gets into the company of people who drink, she also starts drinking with them.
  8. Loneliness can also cause alcoholism. And the point is not that the woman is completely alone. It happens that being in a house that is full of people, a woman does not find the human understanding and support that she needs so much, and she is left alone with her experiences.

Sad consequences

The most important thing is to manage in time to understand the causes of alcohol dependence in a woman. Otherwise, the effects of daily drinking may be irreversible.

The first thing that catches your eye is the loss of beauty and youth of a woman. She will never be able to return them, even if she stops drinking. Due to constant alcohol intoxication, the amount of adipose tissue decreases, and a woman loses all of her female forms and becomes like a man.The skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag. Her hair turns gray ahead of time, so a drinking woman always looks older than her age.

This evil

But alcohol causes the greatest harm to women's health, because, regularly drinking, a woman can lose forever the possibility of having a baby. This is due to the fact that under the influence of alcoholic drinks, the sex glands lose the ability to function normally, and the ovarian tissue eventually degenerates into fat.

In addition, drinking women are much more likely to have various cancers, especially breast cancer.

Alcohol also adversely affects the functioning of the liver and pancreas.

But the most serious consequence of prolonged use of alcoholic beverages is complete degradation of the personality and development of dementia. Moreover, in women this process begins earlier than in men. Therefore, it is very important to notice the problem in time and prevent the development of mental illness.

How can help a woman cope with addiction?

The most important thing is that the woman herself must realize that she needs this help. Very often, an alcoholic does not see the seriousness of this problem and does not want to be treated.You need to make every effort to convince her that if it continues like this, she will lose everything: family, health, mind. The most important argument is children. Let her see that they need her care and love.

If a woman acknowledged that she has a problem with alcohol, then you can begin to solve it. The success of treating female alcoholism is directly dependent on the willingness of relatives to support a woman in this difficult situation. An alcoholic should see and feel that she has for someone to be treated, that she is not alone and that she is still needed in this life. Only the understanding and support of loved ones can make a woman change.

Also an important role in the fight against female drinking plays the help of a qualified psychologist. It will help to understand the true causes of this dependence, and will tell you how to find the meaning of a new life without alcohol.

Most often, a woman speaks out loud about her drinking problem, when her body is already physically dependent on daily doses of alcohol. Therefore, without the help of a narcologist just can not do. Only a doctor can choose the right method of treatment and prescribe the necessary medications that will help in each case.

Treatment should begin with a complete detoxification of the body from the decay products of ethanol. Therefore, most often in this case, appoint a metadoxil. It contributes to the rapid cleaning of the liver, the restoration of its functions, and also reduces the craving for alcohol.

In addition, you need to cleanse the entire body and restore its strength. For this, infusion-detoxification therapy is used. It allows you to quickly remove all toxins and restore the necessary supply of vitamins, trace elements, as well as water-salt balance of the body.

What methods are used for treatment?

  • Aversive therapy. This is the "sewing" under the skin of a certain drug, the action of which is directed to the patient's persistent alcohol intolerance, i. if he does, even a few sips, it can lead to serious poisoning or even death. The most commonly used drugs for this purpose are temposil, colme, esperal, and sulfavidiat suspension.
  • Coding. This method consists in the psychotherapeutic effect on a person. With the help of a certain sequence of actions in combination with the use of drugs, the patient at the subconscious level instills fear and a system of prohibitions.

But the most important thing to remember is that whatever method you use to treat alcoholism, in order to get rid of this dependence once and for all is not enough. First of all, you need to cure the soul of man. And for this you need to always support him in difficult moments of life.

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