First signs of pregnancy

Implant bleeding

Whether the egg cell has merged with the sperm or not, it will still continue its movement along the fallopian tube. Actually, fertilization cannot be called a pregnancy, because for successful development, the egg must be fixed on the wall of the uterus, and this may not happen. The first signs of pregnancy can be seen only from the moment of implantation, that is, not earlier than 5-7 days after conception. In some women, the embryo reaches the uterus on day 12 after fertilization.
If you focus on the fact that the conception occurred at the time of ovulation, about a week after it, a woman may have small bleeding from the vagina. This is implant bleeding. There is nothing unnatural or dangerous in it, just a fertilized egg is fixed in the wall of the uterus, where the next nine months will grow and develop.It is worth noting that implantation bleeding is not always, but if you are planning a pregnancy and follow the condition of your body, it may be one of the most reliable signs of pregnancy at its earliest stage.

Changes in well-being

One point should be clarified here - none of the following symptoms alone can be a reliable sign of pregnancy, however, often they do accompany her initial period. For example, a woman may feel unwell, drowsiness and loss of strength 15-20 days after conception, but precisely at this time menstruation should begin, so the same symptoms may be her predecessors.
Approximately similar is the case with such signs of pregnancy as breast sensitivity, pain, heaviness or tension in the lower abdomen, as well as a migraine or a bad mood. Within a month, a woman experiences the effects of various hormones that cause her well-being. Often the approach of menstruation can be mistaken for the onset of pregnancy.
Of course, impatient women want to know if they are not pregnant before the onset of the delay, but, alas, most of the signs at such early terms are only indirect and do not guarantee anything. Be patient, wait for the delay of menstruation and do a pregnancy test. Today it is the most reliable diagnostic method trusted by gynecologists.

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