Funny TV shows you might have missed


The series about the female wrestling against the colorful American 80s. The unlucky actress Ruth (Alison Bree looks great in her role) makes no sense to walk through the samples from where she is banged off with offensive regularity. Once she grabs the new television project in which the girls have to fight with theatrical effects in the ring. The show will go through different times, but it will take place and will be cool. And Ruth in it will play some of the best roles. Female wrestling is not only spectacular, but also very funny!

"The Amazing Mrs. Mazel"

A wonderful comedy about the chauvinistic New York society of the 50s with sparkling dialogues and, most importantly, monologues.
Miriam Meisel - the perfect wife. She gets up at dawn to bring a marafet, before sex, unbuttons many buttons on the corset in advance and supports her husband in his passion for the stand-up. But when the husband, having kissed, informs Miriam that he goes to the secretary, the exemplary wife gets drunk, goes to the club and spits a monologue about his life there with amazing speed and humor, in the final dashingly exposing his chest.
This story is not so much about the movement to the success of a female comedian (success, frankly, alternates with failures), but about the heroine’s awareness of her rights. When such an effervescent and bright comedy about feminism could appear, as if not in the year when the women's marches were taking place!

"In a Better World"

Launched the second season of the show about life in the afterlife. Watch it is due to first-class puns, an unexpected plot turn and Kristen Bell playing sarcastic wreck.
Eleanor perishes and goes to heaven by mistake. In life, she behaved like a social phobic, done a lot of nastiness and a couple of times she broke the law. She does not belong in paradise, but she has to hide information about herself, because another girl, a good Eleanor, fries instead in hell.

"The end of *** th world"

British series about teenagers trying to find themselves in this world. Alice is a cheeky girl who is simply sick of her mother trying to create an ideal family, of her stepfather flirting with her, and of stupid classmates. James is a sociopath who dreams of killing someone and despising his father. This couple escapes from their parents' homes and goes on a long, dangerous and fascinating journey.

"We Live Today"

Classic comedic sitcom with three cameras and offscreen laughter.In the center of the series is a Cuban-American family: a divorced mother of two children who served in Afghanistan, and now works as a nurse, a hipster daughter and son, as well as a grandmother who lives according to outdated rules. “We live for today” is a remake of the well-known American show of the same name, which has been running for more than ten years, having started in the mid-70s. The series was very loved, its peculiarity is that for the first time a divorced woman became the main character.
It’s not worth waiting for a remake of fantastic humor and a breakthrough in the sitcom genre, but it's cute and warm. Perfect for a couple in the evening, if you digest sitcoms at all. Starring Justin Machado, known for her role in the series “The Customer is always dead,” and Oscar winner Rita Moreno as the grandmother.

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