Gift wrapping for a CD

In the age of high technology, CDs are a must-have attribute of any home. They store a variety of information: from banal texts, films to memorable videos and photos. And of course, a disk with photos or videos from a memorable event is stored carefully, in exclusive packaging. And if you are also keen on photography, then you just need to learn how to do the packaging yourself. The Internet offers a lot of different products and of course to order you will be offered everything that you want. But you may not be satisfied with the price, because manual work is not cheap. So let's get down to our envelope. For an envelope we need: • thick paper • design paper • long corner ruler • scissors• pencil • crochet hook • • glue moment crystal • double adhesive tape stationery • • satin ribbon 2.5cm and 1cm wide.
 what you need
First you need to buy 200g / m thick paper. It is dense enough to hold a shape, but it can be easily bent, cut, glue. Such a paper you can buy at any art store or order online. It comes in different sizes from A4 to A1. It’s more profitable to take the A1 format. Color can be all kinds. We chose a white textured leather. We note with a pencil and ruler a piece of paper 30cm long with 1 * 13 * 13 * 3cm marks and 15cm wide with 1 * 13 * 1cm marks. Next, we crochet along the fold lines so that they bend evenly. And cut off the unnecessary parts. In the photo they are shaded.
cut out
After the paper is folded, we glue a double-sided tape on 3 sides. Keep in mind that on the short side you need to stick the adhesive tape on the inside, and on the long sides on the front side.
Remove the scotch tape, drip a few drops of glue and press. Keep track of the glue was not very much, otherwise it will need to be removed. Clay moment crystal is good because after drying it forms a rubber film that is easily removed from the paper. For strength, you can put an envelope under the press.
While our envelope is glued together, prepare the front side.We take a piece of designer paper 13 * 8cm. You can buy it again in the store, or you can do it yourself with the help of a color laser printer and high-quality white paper. Just choose an ornament, set the best printing value on the printer and you will have exclusive paper. From the front side we glue 2 rows of double-sided tape 1.25 cm wide.
Gift packing
We fix the satin ribbon on the scotch, and fix the ends on the back side.
Gift packing
Next from the wrong side around the perimeter stick tape and drip again a bit of glue for durability. Keep in mind that a double scotch immediately seizes, so if you attach the part crookedly the first time, it will be difficult to tear it off.
 Gift wrap
 Gift wrapping
It remains to decorate the title side of the label. In this case, we have an envelope for wedding photos.The label is also printed on the printer.
 Gift wrapping
It remains to make a tie on the back of the envelope. We take a piece of thin satin ribbon 1cm wide and 25cm long. We glue the label with the name of the photographer or just with a beautiful strip of paper. With it we will close the ends of the tape.
 Gift wrapping
And in the top lid, mark the middle and dig a hole. If you have a punch, use it. If not, an acceptable hole can be made with nail scissors.
Gift packaging
Well, that's it, we tie a cute bow and our creation is ready. Creative success!
Gift wrapping
 Gift wrapping
 Gift case for CD

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