Gorgeous and airy chiffon: dresses, blouses, skirts (15 photos)

Female appearance is always associated with something light, airy, unearthly and something sophisticated, which is why most of the clothes, which can be called "feminine", correspond to such characteristics.

Of course, in the daily accelerated pace of life it is not always possible to look like this, but, to your great surprise, it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.


Pay attention to the magnificence of women's clothing from chiffon, models from such a fabric literally glow with their tenderness, lightness and weightlessness, it is difficult to keep yourself from the opportunity to buy such a dress or a skirt.

In the wardrobe of each self-respecting fashionista must be present several chiffon dresses that are so relevant in the hot summer season, as well as a couple of strict and not very blouses, they, as best they can, work in the office or for a romantic meeting.

Just beautiful

Beautiful dresses, skirts,Blouses made of chiffon have recently become very popular among the fair sex, this fact is easily confirmed by the latest shows of world design houses, which do not miss the opportunity to add at least a few models of this kind to their collections.

Impeccable ensemble

And this is absolutely not surprising, because models from such material always look harmoniously on the female body, easily combined with other materials and draperies, creating incredible, sometimes even unearthly images!

This effect is due to the very structure of the fabric - a weightless, thin silk fabric, which always easily and gently lays down the silhouette, creating a constant feeling of celebration and grace.

Blouses look elegant

One of the pleasant features of the material is the fact that in the summer heat in his arms a very comfortable atmosphere is created for the body.

But at the same time, clothing made of it, in light, can be used as a demi-season or even winter, especially in cases of combination of chiffon with other materials, for example, fur, leather or any other knitwear.

In this skirt go unnoticed

Dresses or blouses made of chiffon are an excellent option for those who prefer their natural products, because chiffon is an exclusively natural fabric, in which the body breathes easily and freely.

Those girls who like to look bright, creative and unusual, the styles of clothing made from such a fabric should be especially to taste, because chiffon easily undergoes staining, all sorts of draperies and treatments, which allows creating incredibly bold decisions in the image.

Simple and stunning

Chiffon and its types

For sure, very few people know that the very concept of "chiffon" from the French language is translated as "rag", but this did not affect the appearance and beauty of the products from it.

Magic option

It is from this material that some of the most elegant and refined products are sewn, the elegance of which has long allowed them to acquire the status of "clothes for the red carpet", because most celebrities do not miss the opportunity to show off once again in this outfit.

The history of the beginning of the use of chiffon fabric originates in the XVIII century, just then from the expensive and rare at that time cloths were created incredible beauty dresses for the privileged and noble persons. The distant craftsmen decorated and combined chiffon inserts, creating more and more new variants of evening dresses.

For an evening out

Over time, varieties of conventional chiffon appeared.For example, silk chiffon is a special kind of such matter, which is characterized by a smooth texture, particular lightness and airiness, therefore, it is most often used for sewing evening dresses.

Additional accessories and a special cut will give your image retro shades, so popular in recent times. But cotton chiffon differs from the previous version in its texture, earlier only underwear was sewn from it, but now it is a very popular fabric for sewing summer dresses and sundresses.

Perfect for summer

Nylon chiffon is a synthetic type of chiffon, which is characterized by a relatively low price and a very good quality of products, which are most often painted in bright and bold colors, which is very appropriate for creating ethnic images.

Fashionable chiffon

In the modern fashion industry, chiffon clothes have undergone many changes; now this matter is easily accessible for the simplest segments of the population.

For a real ball

Today, chiffon blouses and skirts are a must-have element of the wardrobe of every business and successful lady, because with their help it is easier to simply meet the requirements of an office dress code, but at the same time preserve the individuality of their own style.

Depending on the style of the dress, blouse or skirt, such clothes are easily suitable for other activities. For example, an abundance of ruches, frills and bows are closer to the romantic or hippie-chic style. But models with fashionable men's cut, cuffs and a small stand-up collar will perfectly fit into a business environment or an important meeting.

Office dresscoat is observed

If you are to a solemn and festive event, then you should definitely pay attention to fashionable evening chiffon dresses, the variety of which will not leave indifferent any fashionista.

Such beautiful and incredibly feminine models are great for a romantic walk or a date, for going to the cinema or to a club, restaurant or theater.

Drapery is appropriate for such a fabric.

The beauty of such versatile sundresses and dresses also lies in the fact that they actually do not need additional accessories, being a complete and independent product.

For a serious evening event, it is better to choose a dress on the floor, decorated with large prints or monophonic, which will easily accentuate your feminine body curves.

Short version

Short options with sequins, all sorts of colors, plunging necklines and embroideries are a great solution for going to a disco, a friendly dance party or any other similar event.

Dresses from chiffon - clothes obliging, it is important to choose suitable shoes: it's better if it's shoes or sandals on the heel, the versions on the wedge are allowed.

Summer mood

A graceful clutch bag or a small evening bag will perfectly complement your image, and the highlight hat can be a highlight or a thin, translucent shawl.

Light chiffon dresses and blouses are very successfully combined with tight jackets and jackets, creating thus an autumn or spring image. Often, full women refuse from a chiffon product, believing that this is not for them, but in fact, they just do not know how to wear it!

Good for office

Light combinations of such a fabric with a lot of draperies and frills incredibly just hide all the “extra”, and having gathered chiffon several times, you can get an absolutely opaque, but still, spectacular matter.

Properly selected items from chiffon - this is the best solution for a girl or a woman, allowing you to look gentle, modern and at ease.

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