Grapefruit jam in 15 minutes

Stocks of jam can end long before spring. Inevitably the question arises: what to do? Cook new.
From grapefruit
From grapefruit

Winter without jam is unclear, uninteresting and joyless. But if the summer stocks are over, you can cook a new one - from winter fruits. For example, from red grapefruit. This choice of fruit is not accidental. In winter, most of them only pretend to be healthy and tasty, and in fact are deprived of all the most valuable. Grapefruit is not like that. Under his thick and reliable skin everything is fair: there are a lot of vitamin C that protects against cold and flu and slows down the aging process. Regular consumption of grapefruit eliminates unhealthy complexion and skin problems. A grapefruit cut in half and baked with cinnamon and sugar in the oven helps to overcome stress and depression. Grapefruit is a great source of vitamin PP, which helps to cope with fatigue andinsomnia, and vitamin D (especially it is necessary for children and the elderly).Grapefruit has pectin, which removes excess cholesterol from the body and normalizes metabolism, as well as lycopene, which helps to cope with toxins, slags and unfavorable ecology.

Therefore, I advise you to buy three fruits - two for jam, and one to eat in the preparation process. The recipe for jam is simple, and the result is guaranteed. This jam will turn out at any.

Red grapefruit jam with fresh mint

Grapefruit Jam
Grapefruit Jam

Cooking time:

15 minutes + 13–14 minutes for cooking.

250 g of jam:

  • 2 red grapefruit
  • 200 g sugar
  • sprig of mint or lemon balm
  • 1/2 tsp pink pepper berries

Wash the grapefruits thoroughly, using a sharp knife, remove a little zest (one and a half teaspoons). Then clean them, separating the pulp from the white films-partitions, and divide each slice into 3 pieces (about the size of a teaspoon). Put 300 g pieces of flesh into a glass saucepan (20 cm in diameter) for a microwave oven. Add sugar and pieces of zest, mix and put in a microwave. Cook for 13 or 14 minutes, depending on how much liquid consistency you prefer. Pour hot jam into the jar, adding berries of pink pepper, which will favorably emphasize its color and tint the taste with a pleasant note of light spice.Decorate with a sprig of mint or lemon balm, lowering it along the side of the jar approximately to the middle. Keep the jam in the refrigerator, as it contains little sugar.

The board

In the microwave oven jam will cook itself, without our supervision. It can cook any fruit, 500 g at a time, adding sugar in a ratio of 2: 3 or 1: 2, a drop of lemon juice to enhance the smell, vanilla bean and citrus zest. In a microwave oven, fruits are not caramelized, as water evaporates from them gradually, preserving their taste and aroma. You can make a very small amount of jam in it, combine different fruits as an experiment or add spices to them.

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Russian sweetness

"Jam" - the name of the old Russian, meaning brewed in a sweet environment (honey, molasses, sugar syrup) berries, fruits, nuts, some vegetables and flowers. Only Russian national types of sweets are called jam, as opposed to French (confiture), English (jam), Middle Eastern (fig), Central Asian (cue), Ukrainian (jam). The great culinary historian William Pokhlebkin recommended determining the readiness of jam not according to the cooking time,but on other grounds: the disappearance of foam; syrup transparency; transparency of the "body" of a berry or fruit; the strength of the syrup drop (should not be spread on a saucer); the strength of the syrup thread (a drop of syrup between the thumb and index fingers should be pulled out into a strong, tearing thread when diluted).

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