“Would you like a good man?” Or Why are women condemned for lack of sex?

In clarifying the issue we can be helped by historical background on the topic of female hysteria, which has been mentioned since the days of ancient Greece. Hysteria was then called "Widow's Disease," since it was believed that a woman, in conditions of total absence of sexual life, experiences weakness before fainting, insomnia, nervousness and extreme irritability, reaching almost signs of insanity. This is now a divorced woman advised to enroll in dancing on the pole, register for Tinder and often go to bars with girlfriends, and in Puritan times until the XX century a young and single lady was treated by doctors as a dangerous for society element. Now this is hard to imagine, and yet even then the female uterus, still poorly studied by scientists, literally inspired doctors with fear: in Plato's time, she was credited with the status of an individual being,which provokes a disease, and the lubricant of the vagina supposedly turned into poisonous, if a woman of childbearing age has not had sexual partners for a long time. It is in these deaf and poorly informed about our health that women's hysteria got official status of the disease, and the list of its symptoms in some medical books was so long that virtually any illness could be concealed under it.

“Would you like a good man?” Or Why are women condemned for lack of sex?

Today, they prefer not to recall hysteria due to one piquant fact: at the beginning of the 20th century, doctors actively treated hysteria in their patients with the help of vibrators. Yes, this sexy toy originally appeared as a medical tool, but only accurate data on the number of patients subjected to this technique, as well as details of its conduct, are still covered with a veil of secrecy. Some historians insist that this was a mass practice, others insist that only individual doctors resorted to vibrators.

And since our historical heritage - good and bad - is still in the language, some "wise people" manage to find today a link between the mental state or the mood of a woman and her sexual life.We hasten to upset you: hysteria is no longer recognized as an official disease, and its symptoms are such disorders as panic attacks, anxiety attacks, split personality and schizophrenia, which occur both in women and men. Just like the absence or presence of sex in the daily calendar does not radically affect the condition of a person.

You can be as serene as an elephant, and do not have lovers for a long time or live as a minefield with your own nervous system and have regular sex before breakfast and after dinner

“Would you like a good man?” Or Why are women condemned for lack of sex?

But, in addition to referring to hysteria, the offensive comments about the “nedorach” there is another explanation - the notorious and unbreakable statement that supposedly all women need a man. This is especially felt in the discussion of successful, wealthy and single women who suddenly showed weakness - threw a tantrum or fell into tears. Why should she still cry, if not from the lack of a personal life, because a man is needed by ALL women! And okay, if they were reassured by the fact that she needed love and care, no, we are always talking about some abstract peasant and abstract sex, which supposedly heal neuroses and heal from stress.

Men who cure all diseases and bring unconditional happiness are, unfortunately, a myth from those very times about ignorant doctors and their unscientific methods.

Keep this in mind the next time you want to advise a man friend as a universal remedy for nerves. Dubious recommendation, so even with a lot of contraindications.

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