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Try to bring a burning match to the liquid tonic for the face and it will immediately catch fire, and when it is applied, spots all over the face and here to hide these spots you need to lookvideo how to make beautiful face makeup. Fake creams cause a violent skin reaction, redness, swelling, inflammation. Hair dye corrodes the silk fabric. But after alldangerous makeupgirls use every day, paint their lips and face, eyelashes, hair. In beautiful tubes and packages can be fake creams, perfumes, lipstick and other cosmetics. This dangerous cosmetics can not only worsen the mood, but lead to such consequences that one cannot do without an experienced plastic surgeon. In this series of programsHabitat "Cosmetics"You will learn how to find real, useful cosmetics among many fakes, what advertising promises you can believe and how not to let yourself be fooled.

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