Hairstyles for curly hair

Hairstyles for curly hair

Hairstyles, haircuts and styling for curly hair



Confess to yourself if you often look at shiny, smooth-flowing straight hair, you want to replace curly strands with straight and even hair. Admit how many times you lowered your hands when you tried to make an interesting hairstyle on your curly hair, and in the end you made a tight tail. Surely, you would like to turn the painstaking and time-consuming daily work of hair into a time-consuming and pleasant feeling care.


Then you got to the right address. Our site will tell in detail how to properly care for curly hair in order to get a seductive and winning hairstyle, as well as we will show in detail how this can be achieved quickly and easily. To do this, you need to carefully study the step by step instructions and begin to realize your dream. In addition, you can read an article on how to build hair.


The subtleties of care for curly and curly hair from nature



The most important barrier and complexity in caring for your curly hair is their structure. But the thing is, the scales of curly hair can not be tightly with each other, such as straight hair, but only bristling in different directions, while they touch each other.

The result: constant and impassable no comb (even the most aggressive) confusion, as well as brittleness, rare tangles, lack of dryness and shine.

In this case, it is very important to take some actions and watch for proper care (hair styling: easy and simple):

  • Wash them properly. Curly hair is worth shampooing once a week. Shampoo, which you use, must contain a significant amount of special moisturizing agents.
  • Dry your hair properly. It is necessary to dry the hair only with a towel, it is better not to dry curly hair with a towel, carefully blot the hair of the head with a towel, and do not rub or unscrew it. Because of this, they will only get worse.
  • Comb properly. Comb the hair with a comb only, with a special anti-static effect and no round teeth. If you use the correct comb, then you save your hair.

Note: in no case do not comb your hair in a wet state, in it they are more prone to injury and become the most vulnerable. It should wait for complete drying.

  • Proper nutrition. Of all hair types, only curly hair is prone to cross-section and brittleness. That is why the hair needs additional nutrition and hydration in the form of specific masks. More information can be found in the relevant article.
  • The right haircut. If the curls of hair to decorate in the right shape, then they are able to decorate you with extraordinary beauty.
  • The right styling. You should not save on all sorts of styling products for curly hair. “Tame” the curls will help you mousses, sprays, gels, varnishes, etc.


Curly hair: which haircut to choose?


Hairstyles for curly hair

Hairstyles for curly hair

Hairstyles, haircuts and styling for curly hair are very diverse. Before you start making a haircut on your head, it's worth determining the length of your hair. After all, only the master will get the correct haircut and the length that understands the course of your thoughts, he can afford to save a lot of time on styling.


If you choose a short haircut, then know that with such a length of hair will be even more to push, and it will be quite difficult to give shape. Here, various styling aids and a lot of patience will come to the rescue. The cascade and filing will give a beautiful look to the hairstyle.

If this does not suit you, then stop your choice on medium hair length, in case your coils are rather tight (it is difficult to stack), then apply a long haircut (curls will become obedient and tidy, as they are straightened under weight).

Note: not a small part in the haircut is the shape of the face.

Only after all this, with the right haircut and a clear conscience, you can begin to style your hair.


Hair styling: easy and simple.


Option number 1 Natural curls.

  1. Wash your hair and gently dry it with a towel.
  2. Over the entire length of the hair, apply mousse.
  3. it is necessary to take hair with the help of a diffuser.

Bottom line: stunningly beautiful hair with the effect of "zhatosty".

Option number 2 Effective curls.

  1. Apply special mousse to damp hair.
  2. Screw the hair on the finger, this will give the hair the necessary degree of size and steepness.
  3. Dry with a diffuser.


Hairstyles for curly hair: stylish ideas.


  • For every day: it is necessary to collect all the hair in a low tail, then with wax smooth the embossing and protruding strands.
  • For the lazy: in the evening before bedtime, you must braid the braids, in the morning unravel and comb, you will get natural soft hair.
  • Evening option: creating the effect of wet hair. Apply gel to wet hair and allow hair to dry.
  • Stylish: with curlers you can curl uneven curls, after removing curlers hair should not be combed.
  • Fashionable: braid your long strands in a braid, this hairstyle looks spectacular and bright.
  • Alternative to everything: roll strands into bundles.

Tidiness and beauty to your curls.

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