Halle Berry effectively undressed after an Oscar

Preparations for the main red carpet of the year - which is the Oscar - for the most part cause boredom. Since Instagram appeared, only the lazy one doesn’t lay out, as he spends unbearably long minutes waiting for an X hour, fooling around with a team of stylists, makeup artists or star colleagues. Halle Berry went the other way: she demonstrated how to effectively finish the main movie night of the year, namely, to get rid of the couture outfit, which is worn for several hours in a row, posing for the cameras, then another test. “After a long ceremony, the girl is impatient to throw everything off,” she signed a video in which Twenty Four Karat Magic slowly went to the pool for the Bruno Mars song, gradually taking off her Versace dress, and finally jumping naked into the water. Let not the film critics, but the subscribers of the actress’s efforts appreciated: the evidence is about 300 thousand views and over 1,000 comments.

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