Handbag for camera with embroidery

Camera bag with embroideryis a wonderful self-made camera bag.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. white canvas 28x33cm;
  3. turquoise fabric 17x23cm;
  4. white lining fabric 17x31cm;
  5. ring with grommet;
  6. thin black lace 1m;
  7. Velcro or metal clasp.


Step 1

Trim the embroidery, retreating from the design of 2 cm. From a turquoise fabric, cut a detail of the same width as the width of the embroidery and 23 cm in length. Fold the details face to face, stitch along the upper edge of the embroidery.

Expand and smooth out the seam. Cut out the same size of lining fabric. Fold the parts face to face, stitch, leaving a hole for turning out. Turn to the front side and sew a hole with a hidden stitch.

Fold the finished part three times to make a pocket and a lid on top. Pinch and sew to secure the pocket.Sew seam rings on both sides, then insert a cord into them.

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