Handmade Male Soap

It is no secret that handmade soap can be an excellent gift for any holiday. Over the years, it has come to the realization that gifts made by the hands of loved ones are priceless. Let's take a detailed master class to consider how to independently make men's handmade soap. For work we will need: - 100 gr. transparent soap base; - 50 gr. white soap base; - oil of cotton seeds; - avocado oil; - fragrance Egoiste Platinum from Chanel; - liquid pigment green; - liquid pigment blue; - silver nacre; - alcohol (to remove bubbles); - molds; - plastic cups; - stick for stirring; - electronic scales; - knife; - cutting board.
First you need to cut 30 grams of a transparent base into small cubes.
 men's handmade soap
Then, put it in a glass and put it in the microwave. It is advisable to use the mode of medium-low frequencies. At the maximum, everything will melt much faster, but the cups do not withstand such a temperature.We can not allow the base to boil. Then you should add avocado oil (one third of a teaspoon) and 3-4 drops of blue dye.
 men's handmade soap
For , to avoid migration of paint in the soap, you need to use pigments and 3-4 drops of flavor. In the next step, you should mix everything carefully, sprinkle the form with alcohol, pour the prepared mixture and again sprinkle everything with alcohol.
male handmade soap
The shape does not matter, as long as it is flat, because in the future all blanks will need to be cut.
Next, you should cut another 30 grams of the transparent base, melt it and add the following components by analogy with the first option, only instead of the blue dye, you need to take green, then pour into the mold and drizzle with alcohol.
male handmade soap
In the next step, you need to cut 30 grams of white base, melt, add cotton seed oil, flavor, mother of pearl (on the tip of the knife), mix everything and pour into the third form.Be sure to sprinkle with alcohol.  men's handmade soap
After 30 minutes, all layers harden and can be removed from the mold and cut into cubes. handmade man's soap man's handmade soap In a large mold, in which will prepare the soap, you need to place all the colored cubes, pre-sprinkling with alcohol and cubes and shape. This will not allow them to stick to each other.
 men's handmade soap
Next, you should cut the remaining transparent base (40 grams) and give it melt, then add a couple of drops of flavor to it and pour the cubes with this liquid. male handmade soap Please note that at this stage of work you can not add oil, because the liquid may become cloudy. Necessarily the amount of transparent base (at the last step of the work) must cover all the diced cubes. After 10-15 minutes, when the top layer of soap dries a little, you need to melt the remnants of the white base (20 grams) and pour the top layer, after sprinkling the previous one with alcohol.
 man's handmade soap
As a result, you should get a white, flat surface on one side and transparent with colored cubes - on the other.
man's handmade soap
Now you can please your loved ones with a useful and beautiful gift!

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