Hearts with patterned embroidery

Hearts with patterned embroidery- cute hearts made of felt with embroidery. Of these, you can make a beautiful suspension that will decorate the house, if you add a little oil to the pendant in the house, "a wonderful aroma will reign."

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. ditch 14x14cm for each heart;
  3. brown felt, 2 pieces 14x14 cm for each heart;
  4. thin strip tape, 30cm cut per part;
  5. thick strip tape, four segments of 60cm each;
  6. wicker ring.


Step 1

Embroider a pattern on a brown felt with a patchwork canvas. When removing the thread of the canvas and the felt will dry, attach the second piece of felt from behind. Using the attached template, draw a heart around the embroidery with tailor’s chalk or a marker on the fabric.

Before cutting, sew both pieces of felt,departing from the contour inward by 5 mm and leaving a 1 cm hole for fastening the tape in the upper part. If you do not have a sewing machine, you can skip this step. Now cut the shape around the contour. &Nbsp;

Make a decorative basting seam with white threads along the seam line. Insert a piece of tape in the hole at the top and sew to fasten. Similarly, all the decorations are made of felt.

Tie a felt jewelry to the bottom of a woven ring. To the upper part of the ring at regular intervals tie a piece of thick tape into the cell. Connect the ribbons in the middle and tie a bow.

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