Homemade yogurt with your own hands

The quality of products that are offered in the market and in supermarkets has recently caused a completely justified doubt on the part of the consumer, still, you will take a jar of liquid called "Milk", read the composition and be horrified. And this concerns not only milk, but almost any product at a more affordable price.

Yogurt is a unique product with a huge amount of useful and valuable substances, capable of restoring the metabolism in the body, regulating the digestive tract, protecting against the attack of harmful bacteria, as well as increasing one's own immunity.

Naturally, all of the above qualities are characteristic only of a natural product, which is now difficult to find on the shelves of shops.

Tasty and healthy

That is why today most of the owners quickly go over to the side of homemade yoghurt cooking, yes, yes, you did not misinterpret, this sour-milk product is easily prepared at home.

Thanks to a rich list of useful elements that are only contained in natural, or as it is also called "live" yogurt, the question of how to prepare yogurt on your own quickly grows in popularity, and the producers of electric "helpers" of the hostess in the kitchen find their use here.

It turns out that the yoghurt maker has appeared a long time ago, which allows you to prepare a tasty and healthy dairy product without much hassle and worries. From the hostess only need to buy leaven and milk, which, in fact, are the only components of this yogurt. At the same time, multiple additives, taste stabilizers and other chemicals that are not exactly useful for your body are added to the purchased product.

If you do not have such equipment, do not despair, yogurt has long been prepared with the help of conventional tools, for example, in Turkey, boil the milk in a normal pan until it is three times smaller in volume, and then add the leaven.

Special appliances make life easier.

In general, it is Turkey that is considered to be the progenitor of yogurt, but over time, the recipe spread throughout the world and acquired some changes in its composition.It is not difficult to learn how to cook yoghurt, the main thing is to choose the right sourdoughs, the variety of which is growing every day.

Sometimes for these purposes they use ordinary store yogurts, which react with milk and good bacteria, turn into a natural wholesome product. To buy such a leaven every time will not be necessary, since in the future you can use your cooked yogurt for this purpose.

You can buy a special dairy product, which is called “Sourdough”, which can be presented in the form of a powder or a liquid mixture. When buying a leaven, be sure to read the list of the listed beneficial bacteria in it; it is important that it is not too large.

How to cook yogurt without yogurt?

The recipe for homemade yogurt without a yogurt maker is quite simple, you will need a list of certain ingredients, as well as a reserve of patience, since the milk fermentation process can take from 8 to 15 hours. To prepare you may need a thermos or a regular saucepan (any container), which is covered with a blanket and put in a warm place.

It is important to properly complete the fermentation process, the only way yogurt will turn out to be a dense, but at the same time delicate texture.To do this, you need to cool the almost finished product by placing it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. So, what products to buy?

  • pasteurized milk - 1 l;
  • dry yoghurt starter - 1 packet or shop yogurt - 125 ml (yogurt of own preparation is subsequently used);
  • if you want to add a certain flavor, then at will you can add syrups, dried fruits, nuts, vanilla, etc.

Be sure to ensure that the dishes that will be used in the cooking process have been doused with boiling water or sterilized. Next, heat the milk in a saucepan to 90 ° (until boiling), then remove it from the stove and cool it to 40 °.

The next step: when the milk has cooled, add a leaven to it, if it is dry, to begin with, the powder is diluted with a small amount of milk, stirring it carefully, and then pouring the rest. If you use yogurt, then it also needs to be diluted with a small amount of milk, stirred, to achieve the absence of yogurt clots, and only then, gradually, pour in the remaining milk.

You can cook without yogurt maker

If you use a thermos flask for the fermentation process, then pour the prepared mixture into it (in this case its temperature is important, since the thermos only holds it without heating it).All the processes of mixing the ferment with milk, its transfusions into a thermos must occur quickly so that the yogurt does not have time to cool.

Thermos wrapped with a warm scarf or rug and leave it for 8-12 hours in a warm place. The longer the sourdough process lasts, the more yogurt becomes sour. After the time, the yogurt is sent to the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, where it reaches the desired consistency.

Cooking in other ways

For those who have a yogurt maker at home or a slow cooker, it’s generally easier to cook yogurt at home: put everything in the device in the evening, and get ready yogurt in the morning.

You can add nuts, fruit

Consider a few details of this method of cooking. After the milk has boiled, and you have cooled it to a temperature of 40 °, it must be mixed with leaven, and then pour the prepared mixture into cups of yoghurt maker, leaving in it sour for 8-10 hours.

The advantage of this method is that you avoid the possible risk of non-compliance with temperature conditions, as in the previous method, the yogurt maker controls this process by herself. After the time the cups are sent to the fridge to thicken,if suddenly the consistency remains too thin, then you can try to correct the situation by sending yogurt for another cycle to the yogurt maker. In the case of a thermos, there is unfortunately no such possibility.

Why did not work out?

Very frustrating, when you take a jar out of the fridge, and the liquid in it badly resembles the necessary product, the question immediately arises, why did yogurt fail? One of the main mistakes, which is allowed more often than the others, is non-observance of the correct temperature regime, and in fact, the consistency and taste of such a fermented milk product depends on it.

To determine the temperature, use a kitchen thermometer, it will avoid such situations, and also check how well the thermos keeps your heat.

Also do not forget that it is necessary to use pasteurized milk to make homemade yoghurt, since it contains more vitamins.

Milk is a long-term storage - it is highly undesirable for these purposes, as it adds antibiotics, which are badly "friends" with the beneficial bacteria, the main actors of natural yogurt.Using such kind of milk, you simply risk to spoil the products, and not having received the required result.

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