Hot scissors haircut: a useful procedure for your hair

Of course, many women are used to using the services of hairdressers who easily create almost any haircut. However, the problem of split ends is still worried about the majority of the fair sex. Tired of fighting with imperfections of hair? Try hot scissors and you will be amazed at the results! You can make an appointment with the master

Impressive haircut results: instant effect!

What is such a haircut?

Thermal shearing can be considered one of the most popular and effective health treatments for hair. No matter how experienced and neat the master is, but during normal haircuts, the tips in any case become ragged. After 3-4 weeks the hair begins to split and deteriorate. Cutting with hot scissors avoids this problem.As a result of this procedure, the hair is melted on the cut, so the strands get the correct and accurate shape. Register for a service and make a model haircut by clicking on

It's no surprise that the legendary Cleopatra became interested in hot hair for the first time. Slaves regularly heated the blades so that the hairdresser could give the hair of the beautiful woman an attractive shape.

Even after 1-2 months after haircuts hair will look great

Procedure Technology

To carry out haircuts, special equipment is used that connects to the network or operates on battery power. Before starting work, the master necessarily examines the condition of the client's hair. For this, computer diagnostic methods can be used. It is extremely important to choose the right temperature. For example, normal hair can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees, weakened and thin - about 80. During the haircut, the hair is simply "sealed", and all the useful substances are stored inside the hair. Curls are reliably protected from the harmful effects of environmental factors, while you can not be afraid of overdrying.

Trust the hair only to professional craftsmen with extensive experience

Procedure steps:

  1. Diagnosis of the status and type of hair. The specialist gets a clear picture of the hair structure.
  2. The barber twists the curls into flagella and gently removes the bulging hairs.
  3. The wizard checks the quality of the work done and corrects the results.
  4. Hairdresser gives hair the desired shape and performs a beautiful styling.

It is extremely important to carefully remove all hair that is ugly bristling

As a rule, the procedure takes about 1.5 hours. To achieve a lasting positive result, you must visit the hairdresser regularly. The first three haircuts hot scissors, it is desirable to carry out with a break of 1 month. Then you need to visit the hairdresser 1 time in 4 months. Remember that these are only approximate recommendations, only a master can give you clearer instructions.

After cutting with hot scissors, it is recommended to limit the use of a hair dryer and curling hair.Prefer gentle shampoos with a safe composition. Do not forget to pamper yourself with a high-quality vitamin complex to preserve the beauty of your hair for a long time. Remember that a sufficient intake of clean water is a must for those who want to look attractive.

The main advantages of cutting with hot scissors:

  • Treatment.The procedure allows you to completely get rid of split ends.
  • Volume.By increasing the thickness of the hair, an increase in the volume of the hair occurs.
  • Strengthening.Your hair is protected from external negative factors. At the same time, they do not lose nutrients.

Types of hot hair scissors

Before carrying out the procedure, find out what equipment the wizard uses

The most popular manufacturer is Jaguar, which owns the development of modern equipment. We recommend not using the Chinese “analogues”, as they can simply ruin the hair.

Today such scissors are sold in professional stores:

  1. Equipment on a fixed cord that connects to the network.Only one working tool can be connected to such models - thinning or straight scissors, if necessary - a razor. Example - Jaguar TC400.
  2. Mobile battery shears. Several tools are connected to similar models at the same time. An example is the Jaguar TC500.

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