Hours for tourists and fashionable images to them

No matter what type of tourism you prefer, you will definitely need a watch on a trip. Don't ask anything - just read.

For beach lovers

If you are a fan of “vegetable” tourism, then remember: all inclusive - for everyone, if you want to grab the biggest lobster - you should not be late for dinner. We advise you not to take the phone to the beach for several reasons: 1) it can be stolen 2) it can be wetted or worn in the sand 3) it can be drained, and why do you need an extra thing besides sunblock, towels, sandals, clothes ...? Well, you understand: no phone, cool hours - yes!

  1. Flower prints

In the riot of colors and colors at the seashore, floral prints are very opportunely - both in clothes and accessories. For example, on the dial. In our bow, a print watch fits the skirt, and the strap material matches sandals. Straw elements complete the look.

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