How and why cook cap?

All beginners in boxing sooner or later have to cook the mouthpiece. But before we figure out why and how to do it, it is worth giving a definition to this element. So what is it?

Capa is a polymer form that protects the athlete's teeth during boxing or other martial arts. But in order for it to really fulfill the function of protection, it is necessary to carry out the preparation correctly, in other words, cooking.

It is important to note here that you should not buy a polymeric form in sports magazines that specialize only in fashionable sportswear. There is a high probability of a fake, and then, no matter how you cooked a drip tray, there will be no effect. The acquisition is better to do in a special store that sells professional sports equipment.

As is known, the “defense” is intended not only for boxing, but also used in American football, hockey, lacrosse, etc. Therefore, when buying, you need to specify what kind of sport it is intended for.

Why is boiling carried out?

Kapa is a very important outfit,because it serves to protect the jaw from possible injury. Therefore, the “defense” must firmly “sit” on the teeth in order to keep them whole.

You need to boil it in order to achieve a softening. And this, in turn, will allow her to acquire the form of the owner's jaw and sit tightly on her teeth. Hence the thesis: this is an individual element, suitable only for one person.

The polymer can be made under one jaw or under two.

Cooking Instructions

You will need two tanks: under boiling water and under cold water. To lower the "protector" in hot water, it is better to prepare tongs or a kitchen spatula.

Further we make such actions.

  1. Boil the liquid.
  2. In parallel, in the second tank we prepare water, but cold.
  3. Omit the device in a steep boiling water.
  4. Hold about 30 seconds.
  5. We get it.
  6. Snack jaws very much for five seconds.
  7. Put the "cast" in the icy liquid, harden it.

If the traces are wrong / fuzzy, do not be alarmed. In case of failure, you can always repeat the procedure and do everything correctly.

If everything is done correctly, then the traces on the plastic are clear, the shape sits on the upper jaw (without support from below), as if poured.If the prints turned out to be of poor quality, then the teeth will not be fixed, which means that they can suffer from a strong blow. But in such a sport as boxing, the health of a participant is more important than his victory.

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