How beautiful to decorate headphones with their own hands

How beautiful to decorate headphones with their own handsNow almost everyone uses headphones. Indeed, thanks to this device, you can listen to songs of popular artists at any time of the day, no matter where you are. But all headphones, as a rule, have the same boring design, and young girls always want to stand out from the crowd and be original and unique.


Today we will show you some simple ways to decorate headphones with your own hands with the help of threads and beads. They are very simple in their performance, and the result will please not only you, but also bystanders hurrying about their business. You may need a couple of evenings to do the work, but decorated headphones will be your favorite accessory and you will carry them with you everywhere.


Three ways to braid headphones for your phone


To do the work we need:


  • Crochet hook;
  • glue;
  • floss threads of different shades (you can "Iris");
  • beads (beads);
  • small pendants;
  • fishing line.


Now consider in detail each of the methods of decoration.


How beautiful to decorate headphones with their own hands




Headphone braiding is carried out using the "boring" technique. Most often, young people use it when weaving braids. You must have seen boys and girls with threads woven into their hair. Most often they are of different colors and textures, with the addition of various beads and fabric colors. In order to perform the “boring” weaving, no special knowledge is required. One has only to start, and everything will be easy and simple.


The thinner and more qualitatively you select threads for work, the more accurately the product will turn out. Gradually "boring" is performed as follows:


1. The selected thread is wrapped and secured around the headphone wire.
2. The working end of the thread is passed through the loop so that it is on top.
3. You need to make sure that the loop stays in place tightly, does not move and does not creep along the wire.
4. Then you repeat it with the second loop, etc. until you decide to change the color. You can also thread various beads, beads, pendants, as well as weave into "boring".


How beautiful to decorate headphones with their own hands


How beautiful to decorate headphones with their own hands


How beautiful to decorate headphones with their own hands


How to decorate headphones with beads


Headphones braided with beads look very beautiful.Using different colors you can make whole patterns. Phased manufacturing technique looks like this:


1. Lesku well fixed at the base of the headphones.
2. Beads are strung on a fishing line and gently twisted around the wire.
3. So that the winding does not crawl, they use glue and fix the beads.




If you know how to crochet, this technique will suit your taste! Thanks to this uncomplicated method, you can tie up a whole case for headphones with a different cover of different colors. This is done like this:


1. Tie 6 air loops.
2.Run the headphone wire between them.
3. Close the ring around the wire.
4. Tie all the loops one by one until you completely tie the headphones.


All these techniques can be varied by adding various beads, pendants and jewelry to the weaving. We gave you an idea how to decorate headphones with your own hands, the rest is your imagination and patience!

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