How can I iron leather goods?

Leather products look bold, bright and stylish, but if they crumple, they lose all their properties and get negligent. Is it possible to iron things made of leather? Yes, there are some effective proven methods.

So how can you stroke a leather jacket or other product?

  1. Just wear a jacket and wear it all day at home. If the folds are minor, then, most likely, by the evening they will disappear.
  2. Another simple way is to just hang the jacket on a coat hanger and leave it in that position for several days. And if you place hangers in the closet, for example, between other jackets so that they compress the thing, then the process will noticeably accelerate. But this method will be effective only if the product was bought not so long ago and was in a crumpled state not too long, and folds are insignificant. If the jacket is dented much, it is possible in the process of "sagging" to periodically spray it with water using a spray gun.It softens the skin a bit and speeds up the process of smoothing. But this method is suitable only if it is sweet a little, they are not too noticeable, and the owner of the thing has free time.
  3. You can arrange things so-called water bath, this method would be appropriate if the thing is dented quite strongly and made of thick skin. Fill the tub with hot water, and directly above it place a coat rack with a jacket, but so that the material does not touch the water and was removed from it at least 15-20 centimeters. Do not forget to firmly fasten the hanger so that the thing does not fall into the water. Now close the door to the bathroom tightly and leave the jacket there for half an hour, not more. Make sure that no condensation forms on the skin, because moisture (especially hot or warm) can seriously damage the appearance. Processing with warm steam and exposure to high humidity will do its job, that is, soften the material, so that it will finish.
  4. You can use a regular iron, but very carefully. It is best of all to iron leather products from the seamy side and through the lining, which will protect the main material.If there is no lining, you can use any cloth or parchment (baking paper). The fabric should be as smooth and simple as possible, so a towel or gauze will not work. It is not recommended to produce ironing from the front, because it can lead to unpredictable consequences. Do not hold the iron in one place, this will definitely cause damage. It is desirable to smooth each fold separately. It is necessary to move on to the next when the previously ironed area has completely cooled down. It is not necessary to exert strong pressure on the device, it is not necessary to make sharp movements. Periodically check if everything is in order. Difficult areas (sleeves, cuffs or trousers) are best ironed with a plank. By the way, to avoid trouble, before the procedure, spend an iron on the invisible section of things. If it is deformed or changed, it is better to choose another method of ironing. And with this method you should not include the function of steam, it can spoil the thing.
  5. Pants are best ironed with a steamer, steam generator or iron with a steam function. But this method is not suitable if the skin is very thin,or the surface of the product is covered with some decorative or protective composition. In any case, you should be careful not to spoil the thing. First, the temperature should not be too high. Secondly, keep the surface of the device at a distance of at least 10-20 centimeters from the thing. Thirdly, it is best to protect the product by wrapping it with a cloth. It is not necessary to process all trousers completely, it will be enough to pay attention to especially obvious and noticeable folds. It is best to hang the product on a hanger, so that the steam literally passes through the skin, so it will quickly be fixed.
  6. The skirt can be patted with the help of a press. To do this, place it on any flat horizontal surface, and place some rather heavy object on top, for example, several sheets of plywood or an inverted bollard. Leave the product in this form for several hours, and then evaluate the result. If the folds remain, then it is worth leaving the skirt under pressure for another few hours or even overnight.
  7. Smoothen any leather thing will help oil or petroleum jelly. Such a composition will help to soften the skin, so that it will straighten up much faster.It is best to use petrolatum or sterile vaseline oil, since these compounds have absolutely no smell. If you decide to use oil, then you should choose, for example, almond, linseed or other, but not having a sharp "flavor" (it can be transferred to the product and literally soak it). Just soak a cotton pad or tampon in the oil or petroleum jelly and lubricate the heavily crumpled parts quite liberally. Leave the thing for an hour or two, then lay a cloth on the surface and either straighten the material with your hands or process it with the iron turned off. Then simply wipe the item to remove any residue.
  8. If none of the above methods helped, then you can seek help from specialists, that is, take the thing to a dry cleaner. There it will be discerned with the help of a cumbersome and rather complicated device - a desktop press. But be sure to specify what material the product is made of. In addition, by all means ask for a check so that in case of damage to the material (and it is quite possible) to prove its case.

Let your leather stuff last a long time and always look attractive!

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