How can you quickly gain a girl weight?

There are many people in the world and they have different problems. But there is one that has united most of us - this is a weight problem. Probably, it's no secret that girls worry about this problem more than a strong sex. Someone almost from a young age was limited in all sorts of goodies, so as not to gain too much, some, wanting to get closer to the standards of an ideal figure in a short time, regularly engage in the gym.

But there are also those whose problem is absolutely the opposite - these people cannot recover in any way, no matter what, their gastronomical preferences or immoderate appetite. Whatever they eat: cakes, buns, cakes do not make their bodies feminine and appetizing. Then the logical question follows: “How fast can a girl gain weight?”.

This problem must be approached seriously, otherwise it is possible to obtain fat folds instead of slender forms. First you need to think about whether such thinness is connected with health problems. Consult with experts if you have a healthy liver, thyroid gland or gastrointestinal tract. Having found no diseases in oneself, one can undertake the correction of the figure.

How to gain weight? What should be the diet in this case? I want to offer one of the ways to gain weight. If you can not strictly adhere to the sequence of this recipe, it is allowed to replace products in it with identical ones. So:


1. Barley or oatmeal porridge (200gr.) They contain the greatest amount of nutrients necessary for building muscle and adipose tissue. Boiled in milk 3-6%, these porridges are the most calories.

2. Butter and cheese sandwich (50g.).

3. Tea - 200 ml.

After 2 hours - curd mass or curd 200g., Compote or tea-200g. After 2 hours - banana


1. Borscht-200g.

2. Mashed potatoes with chop -150 gr.

3. Tea with a bun or cake (to your taste). If you do not want sweet, eat a sausage sandwich - 50g.

After 2 hours - various fruits (banana, apple, peach, pear)

After 2 hours - vegetable salad, bread, tea


1. Baked meat (can be with cheese and mayonnaise). Garnish with stewed vegetables. Sandwich with pate or brisket. Bread.

After 2 hours - tea with milk or kefir. No buns.

Want to gain weight correctly - eat often and in small portions, so that everything is quickly absorbed in the body. And do not make the mistake of eating baking and fast food.Many thin people try to get better this way, but such a high-calorie food is very insidious. It contains a lot of sugar, unhealthy fats and calories, which will negatively affect your health. And maybe lead to fat deposits, but not in the form in which you would like.

Muscles grow in breaks between training sessions, so rest more and take time for a healthy sleep, about 7-8 hours. Avoid negative emotions, stress. Undoubtedly, this will give positive results not only on the figure, but also on the nervous system.

Bad habits also affect our weight. Consumption of alcohol should be reduced to a minimum or completely abandoned. Scientists have proved that every alcohol, including beer, destroys our brain, and, consequently, the nervous system. Give up your bad habit for the good of your health.

Stop smoking if there is such a dependency. It is known that nicotine speeds up metabolism by about 10%. Therefore, it is necessary to compensate for the lost kilograms that were so carefully gathered. Live without tobacco and the smell of smoke is much more pleasant.

Do not get hung up on your weight every day, becoming on the scales. The result does not come instantly.You need to put a lot of zeal, will and time. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and get physical and moral pleasure from it. The day will come, and you yourself will notice the pleasant changes in the shape for the better. This will strengthen the motivation for further work on yourself. Diligent exercise, food restriction - it all seems difficult at first. But work on yourself is the most appreciative work. Smile, good mood and optimistic mood will be a wonderful addition to a healthy body and spirit!

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