How not to get the flu during a flu epidemic

Start preparing forepidemicsa few months before its occurrence. Strengthen the immune system, harden, eat rationally and in a balanced way. SARS have almost no chance of getting into a healthy body. And if you get sick, recovery will be much faster and easier.
Make it a rule to harden. To do this, pour cold water daily ortakecold and hot shower. The contrast shower consists of three 30 second hot water douches alternated with three 30 second cold douches.
Do sports. At least some. Let it be a 10-minute morning exercise or a pair of fitness classes a week, or at least an hour and a half evening walk. All this will strengthen your body and further allow it to withstand the attack of viruses.
Eat right and balanced. In the beginning periodepidemicslean on foods rich in vitamin C: green vegetables, bell peppers, fresh and frozen berries, rosehip decoction, fruits, sauerkraut.Without this vitamin, the body cannot effectively resist infection.
Be protected. DuringepidemicsTake it as a rule to stay away from people sneezing and coughing. Yes, and crowded places in general. Especially unventilated areas. Wash your hands often, do not neglect wearing a special mask that needs to be changed every 2 hours.
During outbreaks of the disease do not forget to take prophylactic doses of antiviral drugs, as well as the means to increase immunity, available in any pharmacy. Of course, it will not be superfluous to be vaccinated againstflu, but you need to put it in advance.
If someone is sick in your home, give him separate dishes, a separate room and separate laundry.

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