How to arrange accounting services

First of all, you should choose a company that provides accountingservices. Read reviews about each of them, get information from friends and compare prices. Remember that in no case can you trust accounting to non-professionals!
Speak with the head of that company. Find out issues such as responsibility for the paperwork, the procedure for providing data and the forms you need (for example, reports for processing a loan to a legal entity), the possibility of remote work. You can even hire an incoming accountant, the main thing is to discuss all the conditions with the director of the counterparty.
Sign an agreement for the provision of accounting services. If you doubt any item, show the document to the lawyer, because it is he who will tell you about all the subtleties and interpretations of the conditions.
Check that the contract contains references to laws, for example, to the federal law “On Accounting” No. 129-ФЗ of November 21, 1996, the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, etc. Write down the rights and obligations of the parties.Here you can list such items as obtaining, upon request, an act of reconciliation, information on the status of settlements with the budget, etc.
If accounting is done using the program, consider the situation when terminating this contract. That is, in a legal document there should be such a condition as the transfer of an electronic database.
It is very important to state in the contract a condition on consulting and informing you on all issues of interest. Also indicate who will prepare the primary accounting documents, for example, invoices, acts, invoices and other documents.
Be sure to include in the contract the cost and terms of payment for accounting services, acceptance and delivery of documents and confidentiality. Specify the term of the contract and the procedure for its termination.

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